Goober & I circa Feb. 2011
My name is Zoë (rhymes with Joey, snowy, blowy...) and I'm a 30-year-old wife/daughter/mum/sister with a passion for blogging and running.  My writing style is never formal, as I'm a total goof, but it's a great way for me to keep track of everyday life and happenings.

I started running when I was 11 and in middle school for the x-country team.  My Uncle Doug (aka Coach Fish) is one of my running inspirations and mentors, and I've looked up to him my entire life.  Despite a few setbacks and injuries over the years, I've renewed my interest in running fairly recently.  I decided in mid 2008 that I wanted to race again, and so began this blog and running adventure.  Now, I cannot see myself without running in my life.  It keeps me sane, healthy and focused!

This past year there have been many ups, downs and happenings in my life.  My remaining parent, my Dad, passed away in August 2012 while riding his motorcycle to the big Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  The accident left so many questions unanswered and rocked my family hardcore.  My 5 siblings and I had (and still have) a lot to deal with, and we are finally coming out of the "numb" stage over a year later.  If you've ever met me in person, you know that I carry my Dad's ashes with me everywhere...even at some big races.  I like to think that he's watching over me, and my family of course.   When I see a Harley Davidson roll on by with an American flag waving in the wind on the back, I know he's there.

{To find out more about my running past and why I run, read this post here.}
{My first post about Goober can be found here.}

In 2010 my goal was to continue running while pregnant with Goober (born November 9th, 2010).
In 2011 my goal was to become a marathoner...which I COMPLETED on June 25th.
In 2012 my goal was to make the NUUN Hood to Coast blogger team...which I did!  Then I joined the company as an EMPLOYEE (yay!).
In 2013 my goal was to PR in some races...did it in the 5K and Half Marathon!
In 2014 my goal is to continue running while pregnant with kid #2, aka "Giblet."

Join me in my daily running adventures!

My mantra:

I don't win races, but I always cross the finish line. I'm not fast, but I try my best to become faster. I don't have sports endorsements or earn a paycheck, but that doesn't stop me from running. My pace does not define me. Just because "professional" does not precede "athlete" in describing me doesn't make my running any less valuable. I am an everyday athlete; leading a normal life, but with big goals and dreams.
I am an athlete. I am a runner.

Frequently Mentioned Names/Things:
Gus - My Garmin Forerunner
Goober - My daughter,  running buddy & maniacal training coach
Travis - My husband & weight training coach
Giblet - The soon-to-be 2nd child in our family, due December 2014
Nekkid Semi - A semi truck without a trailer.  One of my fears. Ugh.
Murphy - My burmese cat
Sam - The bald eagle Mel & I named on the Orting Trail
Coach Fish - My Uncle and running coach/mentor
Gizmo - Jogging stroller

Updated 7/20.14


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