Friday, June 21, 2013

June? What? Rock n Roll? WHAT?!

Last year's VIP Potty pic with Kerrie!

I'm a terrible blogger. But you know what? I'm ok with it. Life changes and throws you for wicked loops, and you just have to adapt. Unfortunately for my blog, that meant not writing as much as I used to. Sorry little running blog!

Pre-race hydration is KEY. Watermelon NUUN helps with this!
Tomorrow is Seattle Rock n Roll. Already. This time last year I was nursing my messed up IT band and denying the fact I should have DNS'd the Half. I made the incredibly stupid decision to run (more like run/hobble, walk, repeat) which led me to my slowest half marathon ever...and a collapse at the finish line. Oh, and I have lovely official race photos that document the embarrassing ordeal. HA! But, I personally don't remember the actual run.  The best parts of last year's Rock n Roll were the festivities leading up to it, and after it.  For instance, the slumber party at Chelsea's house with Kerrie, Mel, Chelsea and Jill was epic.  The pre-race carb dinner with and Brooks Running was ALSO epic.  The post-race champagne with my friends was also, yup, EPIC.  The run?  Oh yeah, not so much. More like pathetic.

This year I have a simple goal: to get a personal best for this race course.  Seeing as though the only two other times I've run this race I was either 1) 5.5 months pregnant with Goober (2010) or 2) stupidly injured (2012) chances for reaching this goal are high. :)
2010 - 2:32:19 (11:38 pace)
2012 - 2:55:21 (13:23 pace)

Hanging out with the awesome ladies of and Brooks Running last year.  These killer pink kicks have been my running STAPLE since this pic! and Brooks Shoes decided to have another blogger meetup this year as well.  Instead of a carb dinner, they are hosting an after-race soiree!  We did, however, get some sa-weeeeet new Women's Brooks Ghost 6 shoes to test out pre-race.  I'll be doing a little review of these babies when I get some more mileage with them.
Ghost 6s, right before my test run!
Oh dear.  Race is in less than 12 hours.  Wish me luck!!!!


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