Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hot Chocolate 5K Recap

Finish line smile
If there is one of these races in a city near you, GO.  Sign up NOW.  Just do it.  Yeah, the registration price may be a wee bit high for a simple 5K, but the chocolate at the end and the sweet freaking sweatshirt you get for swag is worth it.  Oh, did I mention chocolate?  As in fondue?  Oh I didn't?  Well, now you know.  It's gooooood.  Like I-wanna-lick-the-bowl good.  Find your city HERE.

The race involved a little bit of sun (say wha??), my polka dot tutu, and my best friend Lolo.  My wave (the first, eek!) started precisely at 6:45am.  So early!  The inaugural race course winded around downtown Seattle and visited some sweet hills.  Oh hills.

After I finished, I made sure to go back to that last long, annoying hill before the finish line to cheer and look for Lolo.  After about 20 minutes, my clapping hands were numb and turned into claws...and I still hadn't found Lolo.  My phone rings, and there's Lolo on the other line "Hey, where are you?  I just picked up my bag from gear check" she says.  HUH?  How did I miss her???  The stream of runners wasn't that packed to the finish and I was scanning the crowd like crazy.  Oh well.  I was bummed I missed her finish, but hot chocolate was calling.

K, me, Lolo post-race
Lolo's friend K and I wandered back to gear check to find Lolo and then we three headed to grab our hot chocolate goodies.  So good. So so so good.  But we were still hungry and decided to hit up a local place for some pancakes, hash browns and $3 mimosas.  It was a perfect beginning to a great morning.
Me and my best friend. So proud of her!
Must say that I was thoroughly impressed by how well Ram Racing put on the event for the first time in Seattle.  All the volunteers were super helpful, friendly AND they knew what they were doing (huge plus!).  The time between waves may have been a bit long (2 minutes I think?), and the fact that the longer race (15K) started a full hour AFTER the 5K was strange.  There must've been a method behind the madness.  Overall, I recommend this race.

Final Results:
Mileage - 3.1
Time - 23:58
Overall - 87 out of 5,030
Division - 7 out of 694 (F 25-29)
Sex Place - 27 out of 4,044
Pace - 7:43


  1. it's amazing how far this race series has come. I know over the past year or 2 its been a logistic nightmare, so I'm glad you didn't have to deal with that experience. Congrats on a speedy 5k!

  2. Great job! I ran the 5k too and loved the swag and hot chocolate:) Nice move getting mimosas after;)

  3. 7th place out of almost 7000 people in your AG - you are a rock star!! Congrats!!

  4. I also agree that everyone should run this race. It was so much fun! It was well worth the price and the drive for me.

    Congrats on your placing too! :-)

  5. I love the idea of a Hot Chocolate 15k/5k! We need on in Maine!! Nice job in the race :)


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