Friday, February 8, 2013

Race Day Jitters

Tomorrow is my first race of the new year --The Love 'em or Leave 'em Valentine's Day Dash-- and quite frankly I'm a little nervous.  Why?  You know, I'm not sure.  I tend to get jittery butterflies for every race, but I'm thinking that tomorrow's race I'll actually RACE and not just run.  I've got all the factors in my favor for a possible 5K PR:

  1. I've run every day for 38 days and my pace/endurance is getting faster/stronger. 
  2. PR course
  3. FLAT
  4. Lots of people = lots of motivation
  5. Trav and Goober there to cheer me on
However, this is my first time running this particular race and I've heard it's super crowded.  You know what that means???  There may be some people-dodging in the beginning.  Hmmmmm.  Ok, I've got to stop second guessing myself.  PR or not, it'll be FUN!  And that, my friends, is what racing is all about. 

There.  I feel much better now. :)

Oh, and Goob will be running her second race ever.  So cute!  She loves her red sparkly skirt!  Pics and recap to come.  Wish us luck!

P.s. I'll be running in honor of Sherry


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