Thursday, January 17, 2013

Poor Goob and Frosty Runs

Sick toddler
I had to work from home these past three days because Goober's had a horrible cough and fever.  What makes this illness even more weird is that she's been super needy, irritable and cries at the drop of a hat.  She's been glued to my side like a barnacle.  Poor Goober.  The doc said she's got a bad ear infection, but she doesn't seem to have any problem in her lungs.  Not sure if I believe that 100% because Trav and I have been using her Albuterol inhaler on her at least twice a day, and she still has bad coughing fits that make her gag and last night, made her throw up in bed. :(  Ugh.  Being sick sucks, especially when you can't tell your mom or dad what hurts!

Anyway, I finally got to go back to work today while Trav stayed home, so I decided to do something to work!  It felt pretty good to be out and running so early.  Although the fog didn't lift in time for the sunrise, it still was a beautiful morning.  Really cold though.  32 degrees.  For me, that's cold! 

A couple of things from my 7.3 mile run-commute to work:
  • Most unusual sight: A frozen cow/chicken/pig/zombie rib on the sidewalk.  Meat, bones and all.  Um, yeah.
  • Prettiest sight: The fog over Lake Union and the giant yachts.
  • Number of cyclists: 22
  • Number of runners: 3
  • Number of male runners wearing ridiculous hot purple and neon green running tights: 1
  • Consuming my thoughts: Besides not slipping on some icy/frosty sidewalk bits, Downton Abbey.
  • Sir Anthony is an idiot for not marrying Edith.
  • Gus the Garmin is not working properly...mileage was way off. :(
Thankful I was able to do this today!  And also thankful my work has a hot shower!  I had to stand under the scalding hot water until I regained feeling in my bum...but I'm not sure if it's back to 98 degrees.  Ha ha.  Bum is a funny word....
ok, enough for now.

Day 17 run streak = COMPLETE


  1. I agree with you on Downton! Sir Anthony is an idiot :)

    I hope Goob feels better soon! My BabyBoy seems to have been sick on and off since October. Not fun.

    Congrats on the run. The hot purple and neon green tights may have made the run worth it :)

  2. Congrats on the run! Did you ask that guy where he got his tights?! I hope Goob is feeling much better soon!!

  3. Sorry little goober is sick. I hope that she feels better soon. Poor baby. :/

    I am impressed that you ran to work, I think that it is awesome...minus the frozen cow/chicken/pig/zombie rib on the sidewalk. That is kinda yucky! I wished I could run or ride my bike to work. My commute is exactly 2.5 miles, but since I have to wear business clothes I haven't figured out how to run/ride my bike to work yet....Maybe someday!

  4. i'm actually glad she didn't marry him-he sucked. hopefully they finally give her a happy ending. it's very marcia of the brady bunch. poor edith. very impressed with your memory of what you saw running :)


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