Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Job, No Running

What’s happening, my peeps?  As I near the end of my first week of work since Goober, I’m happy to report that it’s going well and I truly am excited to be part of this amazing team of people.  Perhaps one day I will tell you where I work, as I’m proud to say that I work there…but we’ll talk about that another time.

Here's me flying by the Tacoma Glass Museum on my 3rd—and last—leg of the R2R relay.  Notice how my left knee is taped?  Oh yeah, and I’m also flying, too. ;)

As far as National Running Day yesterday goes, unfortunately my little knee injury from the Rainier to Ruston Relay last Saturday has got me sidelined for the time being (race recap to come soon, I hope. At least it’s in progress!).  Instead of hitting the streets or the treadmill, I R.I.C.E.’d the heck out of my knee.  Healhealheal!

I swear I would’ve run though! 

I’m currently working on my Mt. Si Relay and R2R Relay recaps.  They are nearly complete, and the Mt. Si one is oh-so-very-late.  GAH! 


  1. I hope your knee gets better soon! Runner's knee? YAY FOR YOUR NEW JOB!!!

  2. Yeah for the new job, now you made me curious!

  3. Happy that you like your new job. I look forward to reading more on your running adventures.

  4. I'm careful about not talking about my work on my blog as well. I just prefer to keep it all separate!

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