Friday, April 13, 2012

NUUN Hood to Coast MADNESS!

Here you go, folks!  I've compiled an {alphabetical} list of the Bloggers that applied for Nuun's HTC relay team for 2012.  Feel free to let me know if you should be added to this list!  Thanks!
Current Count: 66
Alanna* - Love My Runners - Video
AlisynRuninSyn - Video
AlmaAverageWomanRunner - Video
Alyssa* - Diary of an Average Runner
AmandaHappy Mother Runner - Video
Amanda - Runninghood - Video
BarbThe Centsible Runner - Video
BeckyRunFunDone - Video
Canuck Mom - Journey Of A Canuck Mom On The Run
CarolineCanadian Runner in Exile - Video
Carrie - Aunt on the Run
Celia - Running Seal - Video
CoreySchnoodles of Fun - Video
CourtneyRun, Courtney, Run - Video
Dorothy* - Mile Posts
ElizabethRunning for Bling - Video
FalonFalon Does Marathon - Video
Harmony* - Keep On Keeping On - Video
HeatherMile 26 and More - Video
HeatherRunning With Sass - Video
HollyLeaps of Faith - Video
Jess* - Blonde Ponytail
Jess - Run With Jess
JessicaMORONS - MOms Running On No Sleep - Video
JessicaPace of Me - Video
Jocelyn* - Enthusiastic Runner - Video
JulieROJ Running - Video
KatieMom's Little Running Buddy - Video
KaylaRunning: My Anti-Drug - Video
KelseyGo Girl - Video
Kerrie* - Mom vs. Marathon - Video
Krissy - Shiawase Life - Video
KristinSTUFT Mama - Video
Lar - Marathon Lar (Thank you for the RZR shout-out & displaying my super awesome trading cards!!)
LauraAbsolut(ly) Fit - Video
Lauren* - Health On the Run
Lindsay - Lindsay on the Go - Video
Mattie - Comfy & Confident
Meggie - The Thinks I Can Think
Melanie* - Tall Mom on the Run
Melissa - Love the Run You're With
MF Dre - The MF Dre
Molly - Mollyberrie's Hodge Podge
NicoleThe Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie - Video
Rachael - Sunshine PrincessVideo
RachelRunning in Real Life - Video
RenaMile Hogger - Video
RicoleRicole Runs - Video
RobynRun Birdie Run - Video
Run In BoiseRunning In Boise - Video
SallySallaboutme - Video
Sandra - Organic Runner Mom - Video
Sarah - Once Upon a (L)ime - Video
SarahRunning Starfish - Video
Slowly Growing Old Together - Slowly Growing Old Together
Stacie - Impossible Is Nothing
Susan* - Nurse on the Run - Video
TashaHealthy Diva Cooking - Video
TiffanyRunning Hutch - Video
TinaFab - Fabulosi-T
Tonia* - Racing With Babes - Video
Tricia* - Tricia Minnick - Video
VanessaGourmet Runner - Video
Wymberley - A Taller Order - Video
XLMIC* - Taking It On
Zoë - Run, Zoë, Run! - Where else? :) - Video

* - Denotes Nuun Team Member from 2011


  1. I would love to be added to this list:

    Your video is amazing by the way!

  2. Hmmmm a little Friday night distraction! Thanks!

  3. Wow, that is so awesome! Good luck everyone:)

  4. You can add me too. However, my entry is not posted on my blog. I did enter though.:)

  5. So cool! I thought for sure there were more, though!

    Oh, Amanda/Runninghood should be on there!

  6. Oh, and Celia – Running Seal – wasn't with Nuun last year. I see she has the asterisk.

  7. You can add me, too.

  8. Hi there! Can you please add me to your list?

    Here is a link to my video:

    Thanks: Organic Runner Mom (Sandra Laflamme)

  9. And here is the link to my blog. Thanks Zoe!

  10. AWESOME!!! i am rather intimidated by all that awesomeness. And TOTALLY inspired. I also applied via my blog. I didn't have the fab technology to do a vid. Loved what I saw!!!

  11. how neat! off to check them out now...

  12. Hot damn, that's a LOT OF LADIES! I wish we could all win!!!

  13. How many did you count? Um...I realize that sounds very lazy. I can count them myself! May we all make the team! :)

  14. hey! i just realized there is an awesome applicant missing -- molly at she didn't do a video but wrote a really creative, honest and fun application.
    nuun really does have a tough decision here!! so many awesome women!

  15. Holy cow! Ithis is an amazing list. I can't believe all the awesomeness that exists in this list. I'm praying I make the cut but if I don't I see that there will be a ton of great girls that will. Good Luck!!!

  16. You can add me too. I didn't have the opportunity to finish the cool video I had planned :( I didn't want to give up and not apply at all though so I still wrote them and sent pics.

    "Impossible Is Nothing"

  17. I would love to be added!

    thanks and love your blog!

  18. Thanks so much for including me Zoe! So many incredible women on this page :) Best of luck everyone!!

  19. Wow!! What a great list! Thank you for being so bad ass and organized Zoe!!!! Good luck everyone! I have enjoyed watching all your fabulous videos! :)

  20. Oh my goodness. One more week til they announce! Eeek so excited/nervous/hopeful. Anyways I thought of one more application that didn't make this list - Krissy! Here is a link to her blog: Her video is in one of her posts! xxoo

  21. Please add me to the list of Nuun HTC applicants. I'm at What an inspiring list of women!

  22. I love your video NUUN HOOD TO COAST RELAY APPLICATION YouTube video, it was really cute... fantastic job!

  23. It is an impressive list. Congratulation to all of them that they run in that race.


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