Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Tuesday Night Already?

Nuun + Goober = smiles
If you didn't enter my See Jane Run Half Marathon race entry giveaway then, well, I'm sorry...it's too late!  BUT, I did receive an e-mail from Active.com with information about a discount code for the race if you are still interested.  You should be!  It's a fun race!  Just use code SJRSEACT at checkout for $10 off the race fee.  In these tough economic times, we all must be savvy with our money.

Since it's been a couple days since a real post, this is what's been going on.

Took advantage of the break in rain showers to go on a 13K run with Goober for Friday the 13th!  Ooooo!  Scary!  The out-and-back course was nice on the way out (4 miles with the wind) and then wicked tough on the way back (4 miles against the wind with a jogger that acts like a sail).  Exhausting.  But it did feel good to get in that long run with the Goob meister.

Swam for a bit, ran for a bit, took Goober to the local park.  Had a mini photoshoot with Goob and my Nuun tablet bottles.  She likes to "hoard" them and carry them around.  Went to a friend's house for a BBQ in the evening and took this video.
Kind of lazy day, but went for a quick run around the neighborhood after dinner.  Bad idea.  Dinner was too good (thanks to my in-laws) and I felt heavy.  Worth it though!  Mmmmm, mashed potatoes & turkey!

Another two-a-day day!  Ran hills on the treadmill (10% incline) and then went to lap swim before bed.  Super tired!  Also took Goob to the pool for public swim earlier in the day--she sure does love the water! :)

"Active" rest day.  Walked with Goob for some errands.  Booyah.

These next 7 days or so are pretty intense.  I'm looking forward to hearing Nuun announce the 2012 Hood to Coast Relay Team! :)


  1. Oh my goodness Goob is too adorable riding the little 4wheeler!!! My baby girl likes to carry around the Nuun bottles too, I think they are the perfect size for her little hands. Mmmm mashed potatoes...I usually eat a full plate of them on T-day :P

  2. What a great week! Way to get in those double workouts:)

  3. I never thought about how a jogging stroller could become a crazy resistance machine! Way to push through!

  4. Good job on your workouts!! Love the video - too cute!!


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