Friday, April 20, 2012


After having a fun little afternoon shopping the outlet stores and eating pancakes with Kerrie & our little ones, I tweaked my back getting Goober into her carseat. :(  It hurt so much I had to ask Kerrie to wrangle Goob into the straps and buckle her in as I stood hunched over next to my car.  *sigh*

I've done this once before nearly a year ago...while taking off my super tight sports bra.  Tweaked the spot next to my right shoulderblade.  Ouch.  Dumb little mini injury.

So, I took it easy after the incident.  Ibuprofen, hot epsom salt soak and maybe a beer or so later...time for bed.  I AM going to run Sunday.  Nothing will stop me.  I can't wait to meet the other ladies on team Bloggers Do It Online tomorrow morning!!!


Thanks for visiting! You're a rockstar!


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