Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goober's First "Race"

Random thoughts about today from my iPhone as I'm trying to sleep:

-Today was Goob's official first "race" since she was in my tummy

-My friend Lolo kicked butt despite the awful weather and circumstances.

-I wear a billed hat for a reason at rainy races. Ugh.

-Pancakes and coffee post-race = nummyness.

-Goober is my little Rockstar. I love her tons.

More later....


  1. Full of likes on this one! Congrats mommy and goober!

  2. So cute and what an awesome day!

  3. I thought I saw you! I ran the 10k and it was pretty crowded after the 5k turnaround, so I couldn't tell for sure. Yay for you and Miss Goob, getting out there in nasty, nasty conditions!


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