Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Ran for Sherry

Sarah, J2, J, Tiffany, Alma, Lindsay and myself. Kerrie took the pic.
The morning's run with the ladies of WeROKC for Sherry Arnold was fantastic.  Met some new people, put names to faces seen on our Facebook group, and was thankful for running buddies.  Along the 8 miles we encountered a few people we told about our running cause of the day: one woman and her cute dog took our picture at the 4-mile halfway mark, and we chatted with a small local running group who had stopped to admire a big hawk in a tree.  There were so many people out running, walking, was great!  Made me miss living in Seattle proper.  Soon though!

Even though we can't change what happened to Sherry--though we all wish we could!--we honored her by running together.  It just isn't fair though.  And every time I think about it, it just makes me so angry that someone so innocent and loved could be taken from the world that way.  ERRRGH!  AAAAGHHH!  But then I remember that there were/are 1000s of people running for her, and it makes me feel that much more pride for the passionate running/blogging community.  We all really care about each other, and I hope that we continue to look out for one another.

To SUAR's Beth:  You.Are.Amazing.  Know that I think about you and your family often, and I send all my best your way.  Thank you for putting this virtual run together.

Though our group broke up into smaller groups running different paces, we all finished our runs strong.  FOR SHERRY.

J, J2 and Kerrie
Alma, Tiffany and Sarah
Pre-run huddle. We sure are a colorful group.
Pretty in purple: Sybil! 

Tiffany, Kerrie and Alma
Sarah's stretching
The hawk
My feet were pretty sore from running in my new "stupid" trail shoes.  Ice bath in Lake Washington's water.  WOoooooOOooo!  Cold!  But Alma's spinach & raspberry bars were yummy and distracted me from the pain.
Ugly/frozen feet
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  1. Glad you guys got to run for Sherry all together!

    Side note: it took me a few seconds to realize you were standing in water in that last photo. At first I thought you were standing on concrete, and your shadow looked like a pee puddle around your feet.


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