Friday, February 17, 2012

San Francisco Running

Waiting for A at the Ferry Building
While in San Francisco for a couple days, I was lucky to meet up with "A" for a run along the waterfront one evening.  I had met her briefly last year when she did HTC with the nuun group and was in Seattle for a day, so it was great to see her again in her hometown.  She suggested 2.5 miles out and then back along the waterfront as to avoid some of the huge hills SF is known for.  Thanks A!  After walking 10.8 miles pushing Goober in the non-jogging "stupid" stroller the day before (while wearing my TOMS flats!), I needed a hill break.

Despite Trav's scoffing at my outfit of choice--the usual running garb, plus my red sparkle skirt--I felt fast and fun.  And a couple people commented on my sparkle. Why thank you!  Don't care if I looked silly...

A and I chatted the entire time about V-Day, running, running buddies, races, goals, marathons, babies, etc.  and the miles flew by.  At this time the sun had set, but the route we were on was well-lit and still packed with runners and walkers galore.  Nice!  We did stop for a couple photos of the Golden Gate Bridge mid-run but didn't pause too long.  Once the 5 were done, A showed me the inside of the Ferry Building, which had been remodeled a few years prior.  It was awesome.  Fun little shops with gourmet food and bakeries and specialty stores.  Bummer that it was closing time!  
Purdy sunset
What's up A?  Holla!
I realized that A totally was the doppelganger of my friend J: blonde, blue-eyed, nose piercing.  So I was sure to send her a picture of J for confirmation.  Crazy!
If you don't know A, then check out her blog...she's on a mission to qualify for Boston and she's totally going to get it!

Thanks for the run!

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  1. Looks like fun! Nice to run around town with someone who knows the area:)


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