Thursday, February 2, 2012

Greek Geeks

Tall Mom Mel is ladies are definitely geeky when we get together, but that's the best part!  With life, jobs, families, worries, race woes, health, and such, sometimes it's just perfect to be goofy.  Monday night Greek food with Mel, Kerrie, Jill and Chelsea was exactly what I needed.  My cheeks hurt so much from laughing!

These girls are a ton of fun...

My gangle arms for the win!  Me, Mel, Jill, Kerrie and Chelsea
Calamari. This photo is for Racing With Babes' TMB...
Jill and Mel cheesin.
The newly engaged Chelsea
Lip gloss
Jill & Mel
Um, yeah. We are strange.
Lip gloss for the other side of the table.  
Kerrie didn't cut off my head in this one! Nice!
Ha!  I love Chelsea's face... :)
What are some non-running things you do with your running friends?


  1. What fun! That calimari looks delish too. My running friends and I mostly run, sadly, but we also enjoy drinking wine! :-)

  2. So who ate the ones with the tentacles since I wasn't there? And were there any balls?

    Miss you all tons!

  3. Well, Jesse is probably my closest running friend...he he he! Looks like fun, sad we don't live closer!

  4. There were no tentacles...shoot!

    We are awesome...Such a fun night.

    Have you called redfin yet? If you want to call my hubby to talk to can?

  5. Weren't we eating the tentacles? That's what the round things are, I thought. Oh, who knows.

  6. Looks like you had a great time! I love when I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. I pretty much do this and shop and I used to go dancing but haven't been for 5 years since well I'm married and I have a baby, funny how things change the older I get.


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