Friday, February 3, 2012

The Friday Adventure with Goober

Sleeping Goober
A couple Fridays ago, I took Goober on the longest stroller run to date: 7.4 miles!  It was quite the accomplishment, and by the end we were both in need of a nap and coffee (or in Goob's case, a cup of milk).  We ran along the Soos Creek trail on an out-and-back course, and Goob was zonked out for most of the run.  We did a little exploring of an abandoned, burnt house on the top of a hill.  Of course we probably weren't supposed to go explore the old house, which had been torn down recently, but Kerrie & I have wanted to for a LONG time.  I was very cautious with Goob, and she didn't go near anything dangerous.  It was cool, but very sad, to see the remains of the house on the hill. :(  I wonder what happened.  Here are some pics:
Small road to the old house
The view of the valley (trail) from the house
What's left of the foundation
A broken kid's toy. :(
Goober keeping watch
The front steps, now adorned with graffiti
Another view
So sad
Smoky, broken glass
A bathroom? Shower drain.
Also along the trail was a bunch of dog bombs.  Not on the grassy parts along the side but ON the trail itself.  It really made me have to weave around the trail with the jogger, which is not easy, and I nearly escaped poo-free.  At the very end of the run, my arms were tired, and as I was weaving to avoid a huge dog dump I swerved into another.  Great.  Poo on the jogging stroller.  Gross.

I mean, who lets their dog take a crap on the middle of a popular trail???  

Speaking of dumps (heh heh):
Back on a run with Kerrie some months ago we came across a whole bunch of garbage dumped at the foot of a big hill.  We thought we saw a treadmill-like contraption, among other household items: clothes, sleeping bags, books, etc.  Well, looks like the city did something about it and put up a sign.

Then, speaking of signs:
So there are wild bundt cakes out here too?
There's a telephone pole that always has pictures on it, most in plastic baggies, and usually of birds spotted in the area.  This time around the sign pole held pics of baked goods, and on the back of the pictures were recipes.  Weird.  Was it a geocaching thing?  Dunno.

Anyway, I love having adventures with Goober...and there are many more to come. :)


  1. Ha! I just posted today about my run with the stroller yesterday. Not a good parenting moment. :/
    WEIRD pics to see up on a pole. hmmmm

  2. You always see the craziest stuff running!!! Very sad about the house. Kudos to Goober for making it the whole way! Em is a short run gal now!

  3. Good job for running long with the stroller. Farthest I've run with my stroller is 5 miles.

    It's always sad to see remains of houses after a fire especially when you see little toys :( I always hope the families were ok and got out in time.

    The random pictures on the post is hilarious, wonder who puts them there?

  4. What fun! I love Soos Creek. Though abandoned houses sounds creepy! I'm not sure I've run that part of the trail, is it by the farthest south part? Happy weekend! Fun plans?

  5. Who puts pictures of cakes on telephone poles?! LOL That's a first for me!

  6. Um, yeah. YOU wanted to explore it, not me. I said I'd keep watch! LOL


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