Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goober's New "Runners"

In honor of Goober's official walker status, Trav and I got her a pair of Nike Lunars.  They're a bit big right now, but she'll be putting some miles on them soon.  These are Goob's second pair of Nikes, as her first pair, some wicked awesome Jordans, were from her Great Uncle Doug (Coach Fish) back when she was 1 month old.  Time sure flies!

Goober's Jordans 12/2010
Goober's Lunars 2/2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's OFFICIAL: Goober Walks

While we were in San Francisco, Goober decided she just wanted to walk and walk and WALK all over the place.  Oh boy!  She's going to be running before we know it.

Here's a clip from Valentine's Day. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

San Francisco Running

Waiting for A at the Ferry Building
While in San Francisco for a couple days, I was lucky to meet up with "A" for a run along the waterfront one evening.  I had met her briefly last year when she did HTC with the nuun group and was in Seattle for a day, so it was great to see her again in her hometown.  She suggested 2.5 miles out and then back along the waterfront as to avoid some of the huge hills SF is known for.  Thanks A!  After walking 10.8 miles pushing Goober in the non-jogging "stupid" stroller the day before (while wearing my TOMS flats!), I needed a hill break.

Despite Trav's scoffing at my outfit of choice--the usual running garb, plus my red sparkle skirt--I felt fast and fun.  And a couple people commented on my sparkle. Why thank you!  Don't care if I looked silly...

A and I chatted the entire time about V-Day, running, running buddies, races, goals, marathons, babies, etc.  and the miles flew by.  At this time the sun had set, but the route we were on was well-lit and still packed with runners and walkers galore.  Nice!  We did stop for a couple photos of the Golden Gate Bridge mid-run but didn't pause too long.  Once the 5 were done, A showed me the inside of the Ferry Building, which had been remodeled a few years prior.  It was awesome.  Fun little shops with gourmet food and bakeries and specialty stores.  Bummer that it was closing time!  
Purdy sunset
What's up A?  Holla!
I realized that A totally was the doppelganger of my friend J: blonde, blue-eyed, nose piercing.  So I was sure to send her a picture of J for confirmation.  Crazy!
If you don't know A, then check out her blog...she's on a mission to qualify for Boston and she's totally going to get it!

Thanks for the run!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Ran for Sherry

Sarah, J2, J, Tiffany, Alma, Lindsay and myself. Kerrie took the pic.
The morning's run with the ladies of WeROKC for Sherry Arnold was fantastic.  Met some new people, put names to faces seen on our Facebook group, and was thankful for running buddies.  Along the 8 miles we encountered a few people we told about our running cause of the day: one woman and her cute dog took our picture at the 4-mile halfway mark, and we chatted with a small local running group who had stopped to admire a big hawk in a tree.  There were so many people out running, walking, was great!  Made me miss living in Seattle proper.  Soon though!

Even though we can't change what happened to Sherry--though we all wish we could!--we honored her by running together.  It just isn't fair though.  And every time I think about it, it just makes me so angry that someone so innocent and loved could be taken from the world that way.  ERRRGH!  AAAAGHHH!  But then I remember that there were/are 1000s of people running for her, and it makes me feel that much more pride for the passionate running/blogging community.  We all really care about each other, and I hope that we continue to look out for one another.

To SUAR's Beth:  You.Are.Amazing.  Know that I think about you and your family often, and I send all my best your way.  Thank you for putting this virtual run together.

Though our group broke up into smaller groups running different paces, we all finished our runs strong.  FOR SHERRY.

J, J2 and Kerrie
Alma, Tiffany and Sarah
Pre-run huddle. We sure are a colorful group.
Pretty in purple: Sybil! 

Tiffany, Kerrie and Alma
Sarah's stretching
The hawk
My feet were pretty sore from running in my new "stupid" trail shoes.  Ice bath in Lake Washington's water.  WOoooooOOooo!  Cold!  But Alma's spinach & raspberry bars were yummy and distracted me from the pain.
Ugly/frozen feet
Other "Run for Sherry" recaps:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Running for Sherry

Tomorrow morning runners from all over the nation will gather to run in remembrance of a mother, teacher, daughter, cousin, friend and RUNNER, Sherry Arnold from Montana who tragically lost her life too soon.  Seattle area runners from WeROKC (Women Runners of King County) are gathering for a group run in honor of Sherry.  For more information about the virtual run, please visit Beth's site at Shut Up and Run.

Please excuse my lack of blue ink...of course it's the only cartridge I DON'T have a spare for...

Stay safe out there.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post - Running and Cancer: Reclaiming a Sense of Control

By Liz Davies
Whether someone has treatable skin cancer or metastatic mesothelioma, a cancer diagnosis is one of the hardest challenges in life. In addition to the pain of cancer symptoms and the side effects of treatment, the battle with cancer takes away a patient’s sense of control. 

Cancer treatments, from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, are notoriously harsh and aggressive. Throughout the treatment process, a patient’s body belongs to doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists, and insurance companies. It belongs to the cancer. This is how most patients feel. 

Running is a monotonous, exhausting, sometimes painful activity. If cancer patients can handle the exercise, it can help them reclaim ownership of their bodies.

Numerous studies have shown exercise to be very beneficial for cancer patients and survivors. Exercise, particularly aerobic activity like running, is good for the body, mind, and spirit. Running strengthens the heart, lungs, muscles, joints, immune system, and other body organs and functions. It also boosts energy, elevates mood, and improves outlook.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong, a testicular cancer survivor, has said, “Exercising may be one of the best things you can do for yourself during and after your cancer treatment.” Running is a good choice for many patients, depending on their cancer type and the stage of cancer development. 

Dana Jennings, a prostate cancer survivor, turned to running during his battle with the disease. He shared his story in a
2009 edition of The New York Times. Running returned a sense of control to Jennings -- control that was lost to surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy. 

Small steps are the best way to start a running program, especially if a patient was sedentary before cancer diagnosis. Jennings started slowly, walking laps around the hospital ward before shuffling through his neighborhood at home. Although it was hard at first, Jennings’ fitness improved over time, and he reclaimed control of his body. 

His cancer was no less a battle, of course, but running made fighting the disease a little easier. “After you’ve weathered prostate cancer and its treatments, the old aches and complaints of running don’t mean much anymore,” he has said. “They can’t compare to the pain and fatigue that accompany cancer.”

The American Cancer Society recommends 150 minutes of moderately-intense exercise each week. The best cancer fitness programs include flexibility exercises, strength training, and aerobic activity. Patients should seek doctor approval before starting a running program or any exercise plan.

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey San Francisco!

Goober with her sidewalk chalk
We are coming for you next week!!

Goober, Travis and I will be rocking the town of San Fran for a couple days.  Anyone want to meet up?  :)

In the meantime, just recuperating from a day of heavy cleaning, giving up my precious Lincoln Navigator and running after Goob....oh, and the Super Bowl.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Friday Adventure with Goober

Sleeping Goober
A couple Fridays ago, I took Goober on the longest stroller run to date: 7.4 miles!  It was quite the accomplishment, and by the end we were both in need of a nap and coffee (or in Goob's case, a cup of milk).  We ran along the Soos Creek trail on an out-and-back course, and Goob was zonked out for most of the run.  We did a little exploring of an abandoned, burnt house on the top of a hill.  Of course we probably weren't supposed to go explore the old house, which had been torn down recently, but Kerrie & I have wanted to for a LONG time.  I was very cautious with Goob, and she didn't go near anything dangerous.  It was cool, but very sad, to see the remains of the house on the hill. :(  I wonder what happened.  Here are some pics:
Small road to the old house
The view of the valley (trail) from the house
What's left of the foundation
A broken kid's toy. :(
Goober keeping watch
The front steps, now adorned with graffiti
Another view
So sad
Smoky, broken glass
A bathroom? Shower drain.
Also along the trail was a bunch of dog bombs.  Not on the grassy parts along the side but ON the trail itself.  It really made me have to weave around the trail with the jogger, which is not easy, and I nearly escaped poo-free.  At the very end of the run, my arms were tired, and as I was weaving to avoid a huge dog dump I swerved into another.  Great.  Poo on the jogging stroller.  Gross.

I mean, who lets their dog take a crap on the middle of a popular trail???  

Speaking of dumps (heh heh):
Back on a run with Kerrie some months ago we came across a whole bunch of garbage dumped at the foot of a big hill.  We thought we saw a treadmill-like contraption, among other household items: clothes, sleeping bags, books, etc.  Well, looks like the city did something about it and put up a sign.

Then, speaking of signs:
So there are wild bundt cakes out here too?
There's a telephone pole that always has pictures on it, most in plastic baggies, and usually of birds spotted in the area.  This time around the sign pole held pics of baked goods, and on the back of the pictures were recipes.  Weird.  Was it a geocaching thing?  Dunno.

Anyway, I love having adventures with Goober...and there are many more to come. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Greek Geeks

Tall Mom Mel is ladies are definitely geeky when we get together, but that's the best part!  With life, jobs, families, worries, race woes, health, and such, sometimes it's just perfect to be goofy.  Monday night Greek food with Mel, Kerrie, Jill and Chelsea was exactly what I needed.  My cheeks hurt so much from laughing!

These girls are a ton of fun...

My gangle arms for the win!  Me, Mel, Jill, Kerrie and Chelsea
Calamari. This photo is for Racing With Babes' TMB...
Jill and Mel cheesin.
The newly engaged Chelsea
Lip gloss
Jill & Mel
Um, yeah. We are strange.
Lip gloss for the other side of the table.  
Kerrie didn't cut off my head in this one! Nice!
Ha!  I love Chelsea's face... :)
What are some non-running things you do with your running friends?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Running While Pregnant

I wrote this post ONE YEAR AGO...and forgot to publish it.  Oops.  So here it is!

Let's be honest here.  There are some things that I knew would happen during/after pregnancy, and some that were not expected.

8 mos. along
GUYS/GENTLEMEN/DUDES, you can skip this post.  It's all things girly and may be TMI for you...and I don't want you all thinking I'm weird (but it may be too late for that).  Well, I just need to get these things out there for others to know. Actually, I just don't want you thinking of my boobs.  There, I said it.  And now you are thinking of them.  CRAP.

First, my doctor was extremely supportive of my running habits.  He just advised me to tone down the workout intensity and to listen to my body.  Being a competitive and somewhat stubborn running individual, I had a hard time with this at first.  Slow DOWN?  I just started getting faster!  WTH?!  But, I soon discovered that I was just thankful to be able to run while expecting, as some people aren't allowed to even exercise.  Why did I still run?  It saved my sanity.  Being an active person kept me healthy (my cholesterol decreased and my risk of diabetes went down as well), and it made me have a more positive outlook on life.  Sure, the sport of running has its bad memories (ie my mum), but I needed to get past that and go on.  So, of course I didn't want pregnancy to stop me.  I was going to run, or hobble, as long as I could.

Things I didn't know I'd need/love:
Gerber NUK Disposable nursing pads
Hospital underwear
My coffeemaker and International Delight Creamers
Waterproof mattress pad - night sweats!
My maternity running skirt
Epsom salt soaks
SwaddleMe blankets...lifesaver!

I didn't know:
I'd bleed continuously for 7 weeks. UGH!
I'd sweat SO much at night to lose extra water weight.
My boobs would leak, and that's what caused the "baby spitup" smell that I couldn't find.
I'd love coffee that-much-more.
My outfit would revolve around how easy/accessible it'd be to nurse Goob.

Reader questions:
1. Did you need/seek out doctor permission to run while pregnant? 
Yes, before continuing with my training I made sure that what I was doing was safe for both myself and the little Goober. Before I had my first doctor's appointment, I just walked and took a tiny break from running. 

2. Were you nervous about "hurting" Goober when you ran during pregnancy? 

The thought actually crossed my mind, but then I remembered that she was in a snug, underwater environment and it made me feel better.  Running is more of an up/down motion, so at least I wasn't doing any hardcore flips and gymnastics...then, I might've thought otherwise.

3. Did you need to buy new shoes because of bigger feet?

I've heard that some women's feet get bigger during pregnancy, but mine didn't get any longer.  Of course they would get swollen on occasion (and you really should put your feet up at the end of the day), but it wasn't necessary to buy bigger shoes.  Although, with my love of shoes, I wouldn't have had a problem with that!

4. Do they make prego running gear? :)

Oh goodness!  This was a really really tough obstacle.  The ONLY thing I would run in is the Running Skirts' Maternity Skirt.  I honestly couldn't find any other maternity "running" gear.  The Maternity skirt was/is so incredibly comfortable and supportive.  The large "belly panel" really does help keep the tummy snug and secure.  I used it up until I was 8 months!

5. Which is harder, running prego or pushing a jogging stroller?

Since I'm a jogging stroller noob, that's a tough question.  I'm going to say that running prego is harder, because you can't "escape" that extra weight that a jogging stroller has.  Plus, your body is in a different place than it was when you weren't expecting, so you have to deal with new aches, fatigue and overall slowing down of your pace.  The jogging stroller, I've heard, gets easier with some practice.  But running prego is not that easy for the duration of the pregnancy.

6. When do you need to stop running during pregnancy (besides obvious things like pain or bleeding)? 3rd trimester? Certain weight? Belly size?  My doctor told me to listen to my body.  If it hurt to run (which it did at times because of the loosening of my joints), then I would stop and try something else.  For the last month and a half I took up water aerobics and swimming to take place of my running.  It definitely kept me sane staying active, and the water felt amazing with a big belly!  Sometimes I would even forget I was pregnant!  But, every woman's body is different, and you just have to remind yourself of this.

7. Did you need to have more doctor visits than normal to monitor for changes?

Nope.  I just had the regular visits just like a normal pregnancy.  I'm very thankful that I didn't have to go see the doctor more than what is recommended.  

8. Was your doctor supportive of your running? 
Very much so!  In fact, when I told him that I had been signed up for the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon for months prior to becoming pregnant, he said that "as long as I was up to it" that I could participate.  And so I ran 13.1 miles while 5 1/2 months along with Goober.  I just scaled back my pace, took my time, and enjoyed the scenery. :)

Any questions?  Please feel free to ask.  I know it's been awhile since I was pregnant, but it's still fresh in my mind. 

On the Hunt

Where have I been?  My "daily" running adventures are not being well documented here, unfortunately, in the past couple weeks and that's because I'm on the hunt for a big-girl job.

Yes, I'm going back to work.

After staying at home with Goober for the past 15 months, I'm looking forward to contributing my knowledge and skills toward a grown-up atmosphere again.  Don't get me wrong, Goober is a great running personal trainer and BOSS, but the compensation (hugs/smiles/laughs/kisses/squeals of delight) doesn't pay the bills.  Bummer, I know.  Wish they could!

In my old cube, tending to my office
plant--an orchid named "Buddy"
So I've been sending out e-mails and status updates asking for possible leads at Seattle-based companies...and man, job hunting is stressful.  After I graduated from college back in 2005, I thought that surely I would get a decent job right off the bat.  Not so!  I went through months and months of interviews, screenings, resumes, applications and then finally settled on becoming an administrative temp.  The feeling of failure was always there when I would come in "second" place for a job that I really thought I'd have a chance at getting.  It took a toll on my self-confidence.  But, becoming a temp was probably one of my best decisions because I got to work for large array of business types, environments and with some amazing people...and I eventually landed a great job at an even better company.  AND there were a dozen or so people that could write me a good job recommendation letter.  When it all comes down to it, it really IS about who you know.

But I can't go back to temping because I think I can do better this time around.  I have the background, the experience and the drive to get what I want...and NEED.

Now, I just have to go out and do it.


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