Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Storm Aftermath

Running on snow/ice is difficult, especially without traction.  Dodging fallen branches, trees and random crap is tough too.  Our community was hit with a crazy snowstorm, ice storm and THEN a wind storm to top it all off.  People up the street were without power for days, and it SUCKED.  There are trees all over the place that broke in half.  Poor trees!  Here are some pics of the damage from my neighborhood:
View of the tree in the front yard. It was heavily weighed down by thick ice, but luckily bounced back after a couple days.  The trees across the street were bent/broken permanently. :(

Flooded farm
Downed tree that hit a fence and house
The "branch-slap" tree fell
Another huge evergreen fell. Good thing it didn't fall onto the house!
A bunch of marsh trees fell or snapped in half
The sidewalk I was running on. 

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