Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hi all! Just a quick post from my iPhone again. We got power again on Friday afternoon after being without it for 30 hours. But, no internet yet. Bummer. We got hit with a nasty wind storm on Friday night that nearly made us lose power again (houses up the street are STILL in the dark right now). The wind broke a ton of trees and even made some completely fall down. :(
Last night I put on my uber bright reflective vest and set out on my first run outside in a couple days. Boy! It was more of an agility course run as I dodged ice clumps and branches. I found a lot of damaged trees in my neighborhood, it was really sad to see the destruction from the ice, snow and wind of the past week. The tree that "branch slapped" me a few years ago fell down, as did this big droopy pine tree on my route. It's sad. I will post more pictures once I get Internet back. Hope you are all stating safe and warm out there!


  1. OH my goodness! Quite the storm! I didn't lose power (I live a couple miles north of downtown Seattle) but my lights are flickering with the wind! I hope the wind isn't too bad where you are!!

  2. Stay Warm!
    We lost power for 7 nights back in October & it was torturous. I'm glad you got power back, hopefully the internet comes soon too!

  3. Glad you have power again! Is Internet back? I hope that was our one and only winter storm....

  4. Hope the Internet is back for you! Not fun losing power!

  5. Glad you have power again! I hear it has been crazy up there. We only lost it for a few hours twice, not even long enough to get super cold! Stay safe.

  6. It was something hard to be disconnected from everything. Specially from Internet, Social Networks and pay per head.


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