Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe I Should Be a Zombie

Last night I attempted a run outside in my short-sleeved shirt, vest on top, hat, no gloves.  Um, yeah.  I underestimated the chill factor and only went 1.2 miles before saying "I'm done."  My hands were stinging icicles and completely red.  But my pace was pretty good for the hills in my neighborhood.  Woot.

Since my hands have been dubbed multiple names pertaining to death, zombies, witches and the like...maybe I should just sign up as a zombie for the Run for Your Lives 5K.  Plus, how often can I be a zombie for a race?  Not very.  Again, I need some partners in crime for this race!

My hands' nicknames:
Bony fingers of death
Zombie witch hands
Icicle twigs
Cold skeleton hands of death
Oh, and let's not forget someone calling my digits "man hands" from my video a while back

My hands are nearly impossible to work with after a long, cold run...just ask Kerrie.  One time I could barely open my car door, let alone turn the ignition key.  I had to use my wrists.  My hands were "frozen" into claws.

Gloves, my friends, are apparently a necessity. :P


  1. Your poor hands! Now I am pumped to run for my life from a zombie!

  2. Do you own running gloves or just choose to run with out? lol. My favorite is the Perma Claws. Have fun scaring the runners!

  3. I think being a zombie would be fun. When I used to figure skate, someones my hands would be so cold (even with gloves) that I couldn't unlace my skates. Even as an adult.

  4. That race sounds so freaking awesome! If you were closer I would totally join you!

    I too have the cold hands of death. Spike actually demands I run them under water or rub them together before touching him. (That sounds dirtier than it's meant to. Sorry) Especially if I'm about to shave his head, one time I almost nicked him because I was starting to shave and laid the other hand on his shoulder and he jumped! LOL!

  5. I think running after people dressed as a zombie would be hilarious!! Wish I lived in Seattle I would run it with you. I have some bony hands too, I have been told my fingers are similar to E.T.'s fingers, lol!

  6. I have some friends who are running this and are trying to convince me to run as well. Every time I think about zombies chasing me my heart starts racing...but maybe that would make me run really fast! So I MIGHT be joining you- but being a zombie would be fun too! And by the way- my hands are always ice cubes too!

  7. Gloves are always necessary! I wear gloves unless it's summer. However I also suffer from 'boney-hand' syndrome.

  8. Yeah it was CRAZY cold out last night! I'm assuming your weather is pretty similar to ours...

  9. And I just laughed at you. What a friend.

  10. aw, your poor hands! Man Hands? No way, you should see my big 'ol long fingers!!!

  11. aw, your poor hands! Man Hands? No way, you should see my big 'ol long fingers!!!

  12. What? Man hands?! I'm the same way. My hands can't function when cold.


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