Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm No Brian Boitano

My solo footprints
Last night I attempted a run outside.
In the snow.
With just my running shoes on.

Really, people?  Of course I had clothes on, but no traction control helper thingys on my shoes (aka Yak Trax) or magical non-slip pixie dust on my soles. :)

So anyway, my original plan was some hill repeats but that was scraped as soon as I stepped onto the slippery sidewalk.  Visions of me sliding down half the hill on my butt kept me from repeats, and going full-force down a hill.  Ok, I'll take it slow...real slow.

The actual run was both stressful AND peaceful at the same time.  My stomach muscles were working overtime as I was preparing to slip but keep my balance.  My mind was just hoping to not slip and fall.  However, the snow makes everything so serene and quiet.  It was just beautiful and calm.

My shoes didn't have the greatest traction, but sticking to the "snowy" parts of the sidewalk was the best bet, as the dark "dry" parts were not necessarily dry.  In fact, some of the dry parts were black ice.  I found this out at around my 2nd mile...and I totally avoided a big 'ol butt bruise:
I was just running back up this little bitty hill that I had just ran down when my front foot (left) had stepped on some of that pesky hidden black ice and slid right out from under me.  Instead of falling on my butt, my momentum made my right foot slide two feet forward.  Now, if I was graceful and totally awesome, I would've kicked that left leg backwards into a lovely little ice skating arabesque, a la Brian Boitano.  Not me.  Instead I yelped, sliding forward on one leg, with arms waving in big circles to keep my balance.  Writing it does not do the near-accident justice.  Too bad no one took a video because I probably looked really stupid.  Actually, I HOPE no one saw me.  But I'm just glad I didn't fall, and I laughed after the fact.  It was funny stuff.  Although I shamed Brian Boitano.  Sorry dude. (I'm pretty sure I did make that face, though!)

It was pretty fun being the only set of footprints in the snow most times.  Looks like I'll have more chances at making a fool of myself running in the snow as the forecast is calling for 8 inches Wednesday.  In the meantime I'll run on the treadmill...and practice my arabesque...



  1. I love being the only prints in the snow. Something so peaceful about that.

    I bet Brian Boitano would have at least given you an 8 for that crazy slide!

  2. Snow running is a triple workout, not only do you run but you must trudge through the snow and prance around ice! Good job running and not falling on your butt :)

  3. I went out last night too and I hear ya on the peaceful comment. I enjoyed last night's snow run more than any runs of late! I did however, have snow spikes on though and they were rad. Check out Costco, mine were only $12 there. Sorry about the slip, I'm sure you looked more graceful than you think...or at least entertaining!

  4. I spent 12 years as a competitive figure skater, and I still don't run when its slick outside. Blades do not equal running shoes. I prefer an un-bruised behind :)

  5. I love the crunch crunch of the snow under my running shoes, but do not do well when it comes to ice. Glad to hear you had a great run!

  6. So glad you made it out without a fall! I had a near fall like that on the snow that was just like in the movies - wobbling and flailing my arms for a good 2 minutes, not sure what was going to happen! I bought some of those "snow trax" at Costco ($14.99 for 2 pair!) but honestly running on those is so different that it would also probably just cause an injury. Are you snowed in?!

  7. Glad you survived! You were probably more graceful than you think!

  8. It would happen the same to me because I didn't know that you need special gear to run on the snow. I should read more about it on pay per head posts.


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