Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Storm Aftermath

Running on snow/ice is difficult, especially without traction.  Dodging fallen branches, trees and random crap is tough too.  Our community was hit with a crazy snowstorm, ice storm and THEN a wind storm to top it all off.  People up the street were without power for days, and it SUCKED.  There are trees all over the place that broke in half.  Poor trees!  Here are some pics of the damage from my neighborhood:
View of the tree in the front yard. It was heavily weighed down by thick ice, but luckily bounced back after a couple days.  The trees across the street were bent/broken permanently. :(

Flooded farm
Downed tree that hit a fence and house
The "branch-slap" tree fell
Another huge evergreen fell. Good thing it didn't fall onto the house!
A bunch of marsh trees fell or snapped in half
The sidewalk I was running on. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My Internet was restored yesterday afternoon! Yay! But I'm posting again from my iPhone because Trav is on the computer AND another wind storm is threatening our power again. *sigh*
The gusts outside are extremely loud, I'm surprised Goober hasn't woken up yet. Hopefully power will stay on this time (but it's been shorting out a half dozen times in an hour).
Treadmill hill interval workout kicked my butt, but it was necessary. A butt-kicking is always good for training, right?

Stay safe out there!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hi all! Just a quick post from my iPhone again. We got power again on Friday afternoon after being without it for 30 hours. But, no internet yet. Bummer. We got hit with a nasty wind storm on Friday night that nearly made us lose power again (houses up the street are STILL in the dark right now). The wind broke a ton of trees and even made some completely fall down. :(
Last night I put on my uber bright reflective vest and set out on my first run outside in a couple days. Boy! It was more of an agility course run as I dodged ice clumps and branches. I found a lot of damaged trees in my neighborhood, it was really sad to see the destruction from the ice, snow and wind of the past week. The tree that "branch slapped" me a few years ago fell down, as did this big droopy pine tree on my route. It's sad. I will post more pictures once I get Internet back. Hope you are all stating safe and warm out there!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days

Posting via iPhone because we haven't had power since 5 AM. Over 12 hours without power because of snow is no fun, except when you have a 14 month old who loves to chase the cat, a gas fireplace and stovetop, a ton of candles left over from your wedding 5 years ago, wine and....GLOW STICKS!

We've been listening to and witnessing tons of branches crash and fall behind our house because of the excess ice weight. Kinda creepy, but at times it looks like the trees are hurling snowballs at our house. ;)
And we are passing the time playing with some $1 Target glow sticks from Halloween. Yay!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm No Brian Boitano

My solo footprints
Last night I attempted a run outside.
In the snow.
With just my running shoes on.

Really, people?  Of course I had clothes on, but no traction control helper thingys on my shoes (aka Yak Trax) or magical non-slip pixie dust on my soles. :)

So anyway, my original plan was some hill repeats but that was scraped as soon as I stepped onto the slippery sidewalk.  Visions of me sliding down half the hill on my butt kept me from repeats, and going full-force down a hill.  Ok, I'll take it slow...real slow.

The actual run was both stressful AND peaceful at the same time.  My stomach muscles were working overtime as I was preparing to slip but keep my balance.  My mind was just hoping to not slip and fall.  However, the snow makes everything so serene and quiet.  It was just beautiful and calm.

My shoes didn't have the greatest traction, but sticking to the "snowy" parts of the sidewalk was the best bet, as the dark "dry" parts were not necessarily dry.  In fact, some of the dry parts were black ice.  I found this out at around my 2nd mile...and I totally avoided a big 'ol butt bruise:
I was just running back up this little bitty hill that I had just ran down when my front foot (left) had stepped on some of that pesky hidden black ice and slid right out from under me.  Instead of falling on my butt, my momentum made my right foot slide two feet forward.  Now, if I was graceful and totally awesome, I would've kicked that left leg backwards into a lovely little ice skating arabesque, a la Brian Boitano.  Not me.  Instead I yelped, sliding forward on one leg, with arms waving in big circles to keep my balance.  Writing it does not do the near-accident justice.  Too bad no one took a video because I probably looked really stupid.  Actually, I HOPE no one saw me.  But I'm just glad I didn't fall, and I laughed after the fact.  It was funny stuff.  Although I shamed Brian Boitano.  Sorry dude. (I'm pretty sure I did make that face, though!)

It was pretty fun being the only set of footprints in the snow most times.  Looks like I'll have more chances at making a fool of myself running in the snow as the forecast is calling for 8 inches Wednesday.  In the meantime I'll run on the treadmill...and practice my arabesque...


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Olympic Marathon Trials...WOW!

Went over to Kerrie's house today for a little viewing party of the Olympic Marathon Trials with Miss Kerrie and Karla.  All I can say is WOW.  These athletes are amazing!  We marveled at the speed of the men AND women, the bikini bottoms of the women, the compression socks, the swim cap-like hats, the dude with the spandex shorts that cut his junk in two (NOT a good look BTW), the sunny loop course, the awesome finishes, and the "ugly" crying.  It was just too cool to see all those athletes cheering for each other, motivating each other and just being happy for the Olympic team.

What did we do after watching the marathon?  We went for a little 3 mile trail run with Kerrie's youngest boxer, Bennie. We weren't going to watch super runners and NOT want to go running after.  Geez! ;)
The run was quick, cold, beautiful and it smelled like evergreens.  Perfection!

Proceed with photographic proof of the events...
As Kerrie put it...Olympic Marathon dreams
Karla and I in our "strong pose"
Karla and Kerrie
So excited for the OLYMPICS!  YEAH!!

Quick Post

Went on a long 7.5 mile running adventure yesterday with Goober. More pics and details to come, but for now I'm off to watch the Olympic Trial coverage with Kerrie and Karla! Yeah!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe I Should Be a Zombie

Last night I attempted a run outside in my short-sleeved shirt, vest on top, hat, no gloves.  Um, yeah.  I underestimated the chill factor and only went 1.2 miles before saying "I'm done."  My hands were stinging icicles and completely red.  But my pace was pretty good for the hills in my neighborhood.  Woot.

Since my hands have been dubbed multiple names pertaining to death, zombies, witches and the like...maybe I should just sign up as a zombie for the Run for Your Lives 5K.  Plus, how often can I be a zombie for a race?  Not very.  Again, I need some partners in crime for this race!

My hands' nicknames:
Bony fingers of death
Zombie witch hands
Icicle twigs
Cold skeleton hands of death
Oh, and let's not forget someone calling my digits "man hands" from my video a while back

My hands are nearly impossible to work with after a long, cold run...just ask Kerrie.  One time I could barely open my car door, let alone turn the ignition key.  I had to use my wrists.  My hands were "frozen" into claws.

Gloves, my friends, are apparently a necessity. :P

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Another race that I NEED (yes, a dire NEED, because it would be too awesome to pass up) to run in August is the Run For Your Lives: "A Zombie Infested 5K Obstacle Course Race."  If I don't participate as a runner, then how cool would it be to be a ZOMBIE???  Way cool, I'm sure.  Heh heh.  Braaaaaaains.

The race is a couple hours South of Seattle on August 4th.  The fees are a bit high (, but you get a tech tee, medal, bragging rights that you survived and a free beer at the "Apocalypse Party."

Anyone up to run this with me?  

That Safe Zone is pretty wee, don't ya think?

Monday, January 9, 2012

I Run, She Runs, We Run!

When I need to get my run on with Goober awake, the only way this is possible is if she "runs" with me in her little table/spin-y/roundabout toy while I use the treadmill.  If she wasn't contained, then she'd be all over the place--trying to climb on the treadmill with me and such because she's a crawling master.  However, since she does love to get around on her own now, the table toy can't keep her happy for longer than 10 I must get my mileage in FAST.

And so does Goober.
Here's a video of her "running" laps.  Notice the inhaler (minus albuterol cartridge) in her grip: she's prepared!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Mile

Mile time trials made me anxious and super nervous ever since my high school cross country days.  I was even more jittery about running the mile than any of the races, and I'm not sure why.  Maybe it was because I was afraid I wouldn't live up to my expectations or just not push myself hard enough.  Well, today was a mile run on the track with Travis and Goober...and I.Was.Nervous. 

Guess what?  My nerves--and my wicked awesome pink/black Saucony Kilkennys--made the mile worth it.  PR worth it.  

6:54 to be exact.

The finish.
Please ignore my spandex...and bad arm form.
Well, hello "Under-7-Minutes!"  I'm not sure I've ever seen you before in my mile time trials!  HECK YEAH!  During the entire run I made sure not even to take a glance at Gus the Garmin.  Not once.  When I beeped Gus to a stop at the end of four laps I looked at his bland digital face and did a little schoolgirl squeal.  EEK!  

"Under SEVEN!" I exclaimed to a waiting Trav.  Add a little happy dance and my track workout was complete.  Ahhhhh.  So amazing, that feeling of accomplishment. 

And to think I doubted myself.

Just remember you CAN do it.  But you have to get out there first...

Trav & I post-mile. He did well too!
Our adorable cheerleader, Goober

Running Errands

Literally.  The other day I ran with Goob in the stroller to the grocery store and got pummeled by sideways rain and wind on the way home.  However, once we stepped into our neighborhood the clouds magically parted and the sun was beaming down upon us.  Goober, the crazy thing she is, managed to actually fall asleep while I was slogging the stroller down the busy street home.  Nothing quite like being splashed by oncoming traffic.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for a plastic rain cover (which has been a saving grace on even dry, cold runs) because Miss Goober was dry and warm.  Pink cheeks and all.  That's all that matters, really, even though I looked like a drowned squirrel.

What we ran in--crazy storm cloud wall:

And this is what we came home to:

I swear sometimes the Pacific NW weather has A.D.D.
For real. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Of Course the Sun Comes Out

...after the run is finished.


Went on a little 5 mile run with Karla and Sybil at the Soos Creek Trail, which, by the way, was unusually busy.  There were a ton of walkers--dog walkers, speed walkers, conversation walkers--and a bunch of runners too.  NYRRs*?  Perhaps.  Hopefully these new trail dwellers will stick around for a bit. ;)

Mid-run we came across two women walking this jacketed boxer.  I had to take a picture of him because Kerrie couldn't make the run.  Seeing boxers during her races (and runs, I think) is a good omen for her. :)

Meet Mac Daddy.
"Hi. Got any bacon?"
Running with Sybil and Karla felt pretty good.  It had been awhile since I'd been to the trail and good conversation is always a plus, too.  We conquered Hell-Yes-Hill with gusto and high-fives and finished the five miles strong.  Yeah!

Oh, and Sybil's two daughters have the most adorable names ever.  Just sayin'.

Sybil, Karla and myself in all our post-run sweaty glory
Day 7 of my New Year's Run Streak complete. WOOT!

*New Years Resolution Runners

Feb/March Race Wishlist

Here are some races I want/will sign up for this year during the beginning months.  Are you running any of these?


Love 'em or Leave 'em Valentine's Day Dash (Seattle) - Saturday, 2/11
Registration: $30 through 2/10



St. Paddy's Day Run Tacoma 5K - Saturday, 3/17
Registration: $25 through 2/29

St. Patrick's Day Dash Seattle - Saturday, 3/17
Registration: $30 through 2/20
I've run the St. Patrick's Day Dash in Seattle for a couple years in a row now...and it's a tough/fun course that's about 3.75 miles.  Hmmmm....but then again, I want to run with my best friend Laura in her 2nd 5K if she chooses to do the Tacoma race.

Mercer Island Half Marathon - Sunday, 3/25
Registration: $60 through 2/6

CanDo 5K - Saturday, 3/31
Registration: $25 through 2/29
I've run this race since its inception a few years ago...and I kind of want to keep that going.

Total cost: roughly $140
Maybe I should wash cars????

Friday, January 6, 2012

Best of 2012? Why, thank you!

I'm honored to be among Marathon Training Schedule's Best Running Blogs for 2012 list.  There are some really amazing blogs on this list, be sure to check them out!  My little blog came in at #57.  Way cool!  Despite taking a month off in December, I'm still a good blogger?  Thanks! :)

Sending you all hugs: *RZR reader love*

Santa Runs Tacoma 5K Recap

Oh hi!   It's me, Zoe.  Remember me?  Probably not, as I took a wee bit of time off from blogging.  But I'm hopefully BACK for a bit.  I actually ran a race last month, dressed like a Candy Cane, and got to see some wonderful running blogger ladies.

Here are the Candy Canes singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" for the troops before the race
The ladies, and links to their recaps: 
Alma, Kadie, Kadie's daughter Al, Tiffany, Kerrie, Karla, me, Mel, Kim

Don't we look super festive in our red Team Sparkle skirts, red/white striped socks and fun accessories?  Oh yeah, we totally ROCKED the look...and the race, of course!  

I carpooled to the start with Kerrie and Karla, and we arrived at a decent time.  The weather was fairly clear and looked promising when Kerrie's van was outside my door, but as soon as we hit Tacoma...fog.  Dense fog.  Gloomy fog.  What happened to that morning sunshine at my house?

We found our teammates and tried to keep warm.  An SUV by the porta potties was idling, so Karla and I stood by the engine and warmed up.  It was sweet!  (But, not sure if it was supposed to be running?  After the race, the SUV was still idling...oops).  I added a couple bells from a race two years ago to my sneakers, and the made a fun jingle with every step. 

Kerrie took note of my jingle bell shoes & wrote about it--friendly competition and all---, and I'm borrowing her "sidebar."  ;)
End sidebar.

Our team was stopped by the official race photog and he asked if we wanted to send a message to the troops overseas.  Heck yeah!  We sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and thanked them for their service.  It was pretty awesome.  

After failing to find the costume contest judges until the end of the contest (I think the group dressed as reindeer won), we hung out at the start line to wait. 

I fit into Mel's XXL throwaway jacket
The back of Mel's shirt
Ultra-cute Kerrie, VannaWhite-ing Mel's shirt
I took a CANDID of MEL!  Oh no!  But it's good!
After some waiting, goofing off and laughing the race started...
Luckily Tiffany's hubby was taking pics of her and I snuck into one of the photos.  Action shot!  The start of the race went immediately uphill onto an overpass.  Ugh.  But that meant the finish was a complete downhill sprint!

Me and Tiffany at the start! 
For the first part of the out-and-back I tried to regain feeling in my frozen feet and keep Tiffany and Kerrie in my sight.  Mel and Kim were long gone and there was no way I could keep up with those speedsters.  My Team Sparkle skirt was riding up, along with the Running Skirt underneath it, so I was constantly pulling them down.  At one point I swear my compression-shorted butt was probably on display, as I felt I "lost" my skirt.  It was probably around my boobs.  Ergh, that's always annoying.  

The fog was dense over the waterfront, so there wasn't much of a view...until the turnaround point.  All of a sudden the clouds opened up and *choir singing* the sun appeared.  It was BLARING down on us on the run back.  I didn't have sunglasses and my eyes were squinting the rest of the race.  But then I saw Kerrie and met up with her.  "Go Kerrie!" I said and she gave me a puzzled look.  Come to find out later that she heard me gaining on her via my "bells."  I thought maybe she would keep pace with me, but it wasn't happening.  Sorry Kerrie.  I was trying to get you to go faster!  (But Kerrie totally got a PR, by the way.)

The finish line was in sight!  But the big overpass was straight ahead.  I looked down and thought of Hell-Yes-Hill and made that last hill my biyotch (but in all honesty, I think the hill made me its biyotch from the look on my face in the race photo below).  Then I saw Kim ahead...what????  I sprinted with all the energy I could muster up.  Nearly caught up to Kim!  Finish!  Yeah!  

Not the best photo. Ugh.
Kerrie came in shortly after and I high-fived her.  She ROCKED!  She looked strong!  That PR was totally in the bag.  I grabbed us some waters and told my teammates that I wanted to go back and cheer for Karla--it was her first 5K ever, despite already running marathons and such.  

Karla finishing her first 5K!
 Our team ended up doing pretty well!  Kim got 1st in her AG; Mel & Alma got 3rd in their AG; Kerrie & I got 6th in our AG's; Tiffany got 8th in her AG; Jamie got 5th in her AG.  Not too shabby!  Unfortunately ribbons were being given to....the first FIVE in AG's....not the first three as usual.  BUMMER!  Kerrie and I were only 1 place off!  I'm going to make us special 6th place ribbons.  Hee hee.  

The sun was out in full force and the beautiful day was still ahead.  What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Blinded by the light: Karla and me
Kim, Kerrie, Mel and Karla Can-Can
Is that Santa out there?

Final Stats:
Mileage - 3.1
Time - 24:24
Overall - 105 out of 1041
Division Place - 6 out of 92 (F25-29)
Sex Place - 22 out of 690
Pace - 7:52


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