Monday, November 21, 2011

Runner Popsicles

Yesterday was the run I needed to feel good about not running in a while: I met up with Kerrie for some below-freezing fun at 7am.  It was 30 degrees F, which to a lot of the people we know that run around the country is pretty wimpy "cold."  But we are from the NW, where winters are generally mild and yet we are ok with running in the rain.  We survived, of course.  Barely. ;)
Kerrie's frosted hair mid-run

Other than the temperature, the weather was gorgeous.  The sun was out, the air was crisp (man, I love that word) and the frost made everything look like a hazy dream.  To keep our minds off the dwindling feeling in our extremities, we laughed. A LOT.  I told Kerrie about the time Travis accidentally pepper-sprayed my big sister Kristal in the the front of all my siblings...completely without knowing the little pink canister contained pepper spray.  It was HILARIOUS (and to this day my entire family gives Trav crap about it, in a joking/loving way).  She told me about the time she dodged riot pepper spray with Mr. T back in her college days.  Pepper spray is no joke, people.

At a little stop to let some little string out of Kerrie's shoe (she thought it was something bigger I think), we took the mandatory blog pic.  Right as I was taking this pic Miss Mom vs. Marathon commented that her hat made her look like a wiener head.  And thus, the following pic was snapped:

Yes, I look like a goober.

But this picture is exactly what I love about running with buddies.  There's nothing quite like sharing a good run, some great conversation and the extra stomach-workout that is laughing over pepper spraying in-laws and wiener jokes.

When we finished--after conquering HellYes Hill like total bada$$es--we took some fun pictures mimicking each others' Halloween costume contest poses.

Kerrie's Sailor Girl pose
My best RunNERD impression
Just like Kerrie, I too had trouble warming up when I got home.  Even talking a scalding hot shower didn't help much.  My butt was so frozen that when the water ran off it, it was cold running down my leg.  Has that ever happened to you?  It's WEIRD.  I probably stood in that shower for about half an hour shivering, moving around and stretching my legs.  Finally a cup of coffee, layers of sweats, wool socks and my comfy King bed helped me warm up.  Oh, and Murphy helped too. :)

But of course I couldn't pass up the beautiful weather without taking Goober to the new neighborhood park for a bit.  She's not quite sure about the swings yet...
Uhhhh, ok, you can get me out of this now...

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!!


  1. I love a good run with a good friend. Looks like you two laughed your way through the miles. Cute goober too.

  2. Love how much fun you girls always seem to have! Nice job getting out there in the wimpy cold. hehe

  3. Your butt was so cold that the water that was hot was cold when it came off. My goodness, I don't think that has ever happen to me. lol. I hope it never does to be honest. Yes, runs with friends can be very amusing and it appears you had a good time of it from the post. I never can do a long run with a friend cuz he talks to much and I get tired of hearing what he has to say. lol. You take care and Happy Holidays to you and the family nerd!

  4. LOVE THIS!! Cant wait to hang on Thanksgiving!!

  5. I am a through and through loner when it comes to running, but this post kind of makes me want to change that. :) You guys look like SO MUCH FUN! Can I come next time?


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