Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BloggerFail, RunNERDs and Big Leaves

I had written this really fun, witty and informative product review the other day but couldn't finish it in one sitting.  So I saved it.  Well, upon opening the saved post my screen stood there blank.  BLANK.  What the???  Thanks so much, Blogger.  GRRRR.  Trust me, I saved that sucker.  Of course, this stuff just bogs me down and I get extremely frustrated.  And my blog takes a hit. :(

In better news, I ran with Kerrie on the Soos Creek trail on Sunday.  Rainy rainy rainy, once again.  But we took pictures for the Running Skirts Halloween costume contest and random running-on-the-pretty-leaves pictures along the 5.5 mile outing.  It was just a pleasant run that leaves a smile on your face the rest of the day.  We even were looking for the biggest maple leaf we could find (sound familiar?  I even asked Kerrie if we should "kiss" it a la Cedar River Trail slug hunt of 2011).  Leafbrella!

Kerrie shows off her best "RUNNERD" form
Run, Sailor, Run!
Who really wants to blend in when they could stand out? 
What were you for Halloween?


  1. :D

    That's all I have to say about that.

  2. So fun that you and Kerrie created your own fun Halloween running costumes! Hooray for running in the rain1

  3. Kuddos for running in the rain!

  4. SO fun!!! I love the costumes :)

  5. Those are some BIG leaves!! Your costumes were awesome!!


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