Monday, October 24, 2011

Soggy Cupcake Bandit

After such a wonderful "I'm back" run on Friday morning, of course my next run would be a little bit wonky, right?  It's only the usual luck with running.  I got the chance to meet up with Alma, Kerrie (Mom vs. Marathon), Karla and Carla on the Cedar River Trail for a 3.7 mile run in honor of Run with Jess' birthday: The Cupcake Classic.  My name wasn't on the official race roster, so I technically was a cupcake bandit...I even ate one of Kerrie's cupcakes after the run.  I'm sorry!  If it's a virtual race, it's ok I'm thinking.  (Note: I would never bandit a real race, peeps.  I'm not low like that)

Getting up super bright and early was easy with the Goober sleep ninja (who's a sick little puppy, poor baby), looking out the window was a bit more difficult.  I didn't want to look.  I could HEAR the rain pounding on the roof and window.  When the rain pounds on your window, you know it's not good.  This was the Pacific NW's "Hey! Welcome back, Zoe!" greeting.  Alright PNW, I hear ya...and I'm game.

The rain didn't let up at all when I met up with the ladies on the trail.  They brought jackets and headlamps because the sun (ha!) wasn't up yet.  I, on the other hand, didn't have a light but chose to wear my day-glo/road cone orange top and super fun YMX Maori Stripe Bolero (which is pretty freaking awesome, I might add).  To be honest, I was super nervous running with Kerrie and Alma, the speedy ladies.  My speed is laughable at the moment, and Kerrie's in the prime of her running career--I'm wicked proud of her!

We set off in the downpour and the miles just melted away and then we were done.  Wow.  I guess I'm ok!  3.8 miles while getting over a cold, in the rain, and not training for 6 weeks.  The cupcake was delish, as was the company. ;)  They were going to go run for a little longer, but I needed to get home to get the house ready for Trav's 30th birthday surprise party (which was a HIT, I'm happy to report!).

Despite my lips being blue, my hands "frozen" into claws, and my butt completely numb, I was happy to be out with my favorite running friends and, well, OUT RUNNING.  And who cares if my stupid cold came back with a vengeance?  Not this runner. ;)


  1. Ugh. That's lame that your cold reared up again.

    Funny story: when I got in the car and turned on my butt warmer, I thought of you. Awwwwww.


  2. Mmmm cupcakes :) Boo cold! Nice job on the 5k for it being only your 2nd run since you got back. My lil bean is a sleep ninja too, I'll be almost out the door for a run and she will wake up and freak out wanting to nurse, she will nurse for about 1 minute than fall back asleep, lol.

  3. Your bandit-cy completely allowed! wink, wink...

  4. Sorry you got sick :( I hope your household recuperates this week & you are back on the streets again soon. Wearing that kick ass bolero, of course.

  5. Welcome back!! What a warm (not) welcome!! Sorry your sick!

  6. Oh, boo on your getting sick! It was great to run with you and hear a little about your trip. The bolero is awesome.

  7. Fun running with those girls! Glad you are back! Sorry bout the cold though.


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