Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Sigh of Relief

After two weeks, I finally reconnected with an old friend while here
in Shanghai...Starbucks! Coffee tasted fabulous on this sweltering
Chinese afternoon, and of course the company was fantastic as well.
Goober happily sat with me, people watching and eating her puffs like
a good little girl. It's been weird without my daily coffee fix--I
miss my good 'ol Cuisinart coffee maker. Not that I'd make a hot
coffee right now anyway: according the, the temp here is
91 degrees, but with the humidity it feels like 96. Good grief! I
need a pool, stat! And maybe a chilled glass of vino!

Since the heat takes a lot out of miss Goob and myself, we are lying
low in the apartment today. Air conditioning FTW! We'll probably
head over to the cool indoor pool in a bit, where a mass of local
Chinese women will distract her from her swimming lesson from me. Heh


  1. When Husband & i travelled out of the country for a month several years ago, we brought a french press because I could NOT live without my coffee! hehehehe

  2. Starbucks is ruling the world (like McDee's). HAve you seen any pandas yet?

  3. I am so glad to hear from you! Sounds like you guys are having quite the experience, keep livin it up!

    I also love that Goobs is a rockstar. When some of my family lived over there to teach english, their blond son was also fawned over, he loved it!

  4. nice! so crazy how you can find starbucks everywhere now. a comforting piece of home.

  5. Lol....So interesting to read your China posts. I have a good runner friend who just moved to Shanghai a couple of weeks ago -- she's also lamenting the ridiculous heat & humidity & lying low in the AC. :)


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