Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Video Killed the Blog-eo Star

Hey!  Who's that hanging out with at timestamp 1:03 in the video?

It's me!  Say what?! ;)

Also, has a Facebook app sweepstakes going on to win a $500 New Balance shopping spree!  YEAH!  Check it out here.

Does anyone else see the "Z" on the shoe like I do?  HA!  Meant to be!


  1. I saw that today when I was looking at the NB Trails! Your famous! :)

  2. P.S.
    Did you like them??
    I'm thinking about buying a pair.

  3. They were very comfortable! I was quite surprised! I didn't realize the ones I tried on were for trail running until after I got home and looked them up. Very cool shoes. I honestly think they felt like slippers. :)

  4. Very cool. Yup. I saw that "Z".

  5. You're famous! They look like cool shoes, did you get to keep a pair?

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