Friday, August 5, 2011

Postnatal Thermogenic Supplement Review & Giveaway

It's no secret that I had a baby almost 9 months ago (I did? Wha??).  With the cute Goober baby came some extra weight in "mommy areas" and in--ahem--my boobs.  Well, for other purposes.  This supplement is for both those areas!  I was contacted by Delta Labs to review a product a little time ago and I was immediately drawn to this supplement: Postnatal Thermogenic.
According to Delta Labs:
"Our Postnatal supplement is the perfect solution to help new moms shed those extra pounds and return to their pre-pregnancy weight.  Not only will you feel better, but you will be a better caregiver of your new baby.  Less body fat means more energy, which equates to a lower sleep requirement.  Most new moms have precious little time for sleep, so anything that can maximize your body's efficiency goes a long way."
Added Herbal Lactation Support"We've added an herbal formula proven to enhance lactation, something that is very important for new moms.  This herbal formula contains White Kidney Bean extract, Glucomannan, Fenugreek, and Marshmallow extract, four herbs that many nutritionists agree is a great blend for increasing lactation."

My Experience:
To be honest, I wasn't as interested in the fat-burning properties of this supplement as I was in the lactation benefits.  Since marathon training began in full-force right after having Goober, amidst nursing, I noticed that as my miles increased, my supply dwindled a little.  And I'm actually surprised that taking these supplements has made a noticeable difference.  As far as fat-burning---sure, I suppose that along with my normal exercise regimen this is a nice little "extra" boost for me.

There's nothing better than fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!  It's so cliche, but it feels amazing to slip on my favorite comfy jeans after having to wear sweats for awhile.  :)

I took this morning and night for a month and I didn't have any crazy tummy issues or side-effects.  In fact, unlike my actually prenatal vitamins that smell like horse poo (I plug my nose to take them), these capsules smell like marshmallows!  Nice!

For more information on Delta Labs products, visit their website here.
And yes, they do have dude-friendly products too. ;)

This is a great little additional supplement for new mommas, and I encourage you to check it out.  In the meantime, who wants to win a bottle of these supplements???

TWO lucky readers will win a 30-day supply of Postnatal Thermogenic capsules.  

Here's the scoop on how to win:
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Mandatory Entry:
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The giveaway will end at midnight PST Friday 8/19, with the two winners picked via the RunZoeRun Winner Generator.  Winners announced on Saturday the 20th.  Good luck!

**Note: I was provided this product free of charge to test from Delta Labs and was not compensated for my review. Giveaway hosted by Delta Labs and product shipped directly from merchant. Thanks!**


  1. I heard about this the other day! Totally interested in trying and of course I am a follower

  2. I want to try the same product you did - I definitely need help with the weight loss AND the supply.

  3. I like Delta Labs on FB and commented on their page.

  4. I am following you on Google Friend Connect.

  5. I'm following you on Google Friend connect. :)

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