Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motivation Lacking

Super cute Kerrie, me, Sassy Mel and the Goober Monster
Today was a lazy day.  In fact, this whole week feels like a lazy week.  After a really stressful/crazy last week, I just wanted to lay low for a bit.  Oh, and I also had a molar pulled this morning.  Mouth surgery = not fun.  So, I've been out of it.  Especially mentally as my pain medication has me a bit loopy.  Woo!

My Mt. Rainier hike recap is coming along that should be up soon.

Anyone have any great running plans for the weekend?  After last Saturday's 7 miler with the lovely Kerrie and Mel, I definitely would like to plan another running "date!"  Running blogger runs are always full of surprises. ;)


  1. Hope your tooth feels better. I hate anything involving the dentist. 7 miler in store for me sunday, I wish I had some running partners =-(.

  2. The dentist is no fun!!! I would love some running buddies to get me through my long run this weekend!


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