Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Sayin'...& a Lil Giveaway

You know what is really REALLY REALLY AWESOME????


Yes, YOU!

The readers of this dorky, strange, random running blog of mine.  And I thank you for it.  Your comments inspire me and keep me going when I'm feeling down or low on motivation.  I mean, you all were incredible to me in the time leading up to my monumental marathon extravaganza.  :)

So just 'cuz, I'm having a little random giveaway related to summer, as I don't want it to end quite yet (it feels like it's just getting started here in Seattle).  And, sorry dudes, this one's a little geared toward the ladies...I'll get ya soon.

- Seychelles Handbag Holder
- Blue/Pink Notecards & Envelopes
- Some seed packets: veggies, watermelon, flowers (mine are growing on my kitchen windowsill)
- A foldable grocery tote for your handbag.  Be a little "greener" folks!
- Peeps Strawberry Marshmallow Chapstick (YES!  It's yummy!)
- Mini pedicure set
- Some of my favorite Crystal Light packets (Fruit Punch)
- Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper - BRAND NEW!  This stuff is incredible.
I may throw some more random/fun stuff in the package for sh!ts and giggles too.

Ah yes!  The randomness continues!  I should have some running-related giveaways coming very stay tuned my dears. ;)

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(Please leave separate comments for each entry)

Mandatory Entry:
  • Follow RZR via Google Friend Connect, e-mail, etc...because this is a "Reader Appreciation" giveaway after all. Comment below. ;)
Additional Entries:
  • "Like" Run, Zoë, Run! on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter, @RunZoeRun 
  • Link this little giveaway to your blog, Tweet it (include @RunZoeRun), or Facebook.  Let me know in a comment (1 entry each)
  • Check out my new little Etsy venture, Angelfish Bows.  Let me know what you think in a comment.
  • Like Angelfish Bows?  Well, be a friend on Facebook
  • Use this super handy button: 

The giveaway will end at midnight Wednesday 8/17 (a random day!), with the winner picked via the RunZoeRun Winner Generator.  Winner announced on Thursday the 18th.  I will ship to the winner. 

**Note:  I paid for these products to give to one lucky reader because I'm just cool like that.**


  1. First to post which means there is 0 chance I will win.....but I am a follower!

    (Fruit Punch Crystal Lite is my favorite too!)

  2. I'm a follower too. I think this is the earliest I've been in on a giveaway.

  3. I love me a good random giveaway! I'm a follower, duhhhhhhhhh!

  4. Your bows are ADORABLE! I love the little orange one especially. Forwarding to my friends with baby girls!!

  5. Tweeted! And P.S. that "Tweet it" button rocks my world!!!

  6. LOVE the flower hair clips especially! cute!

  7. liked angelfish bows on fb

  8. I am a follower! Super cute giveaway!

  9. I posted the giveaway on my blog.

  10. Super cute hair bows. I am especially loving the groovy orange one. I would so wear that myself!

    P.S. Your giveaway ends on my birthday - so not a random day afterall! :)

  11. Follow your, you're a rockstar!

  12. Follow you on FB...running in a bad 'hood.

  13. Added you on the Twitter.

  14. Thanks for stopping over to check out my blog. Looking forward to following your story.

  15. FOLLOW. i love a nice random giveaway!

  16. I follow you via Google Friend Connect. :)

  17. I liked you on facebook.

  18. I follow you on twitter now (yay!!). :)

  19. I tweeted about your giveaway:!/kattehcat/status/99562649892827136

  20. Aww, your bows are so cute! I love the little white ones and the price is perfect.

  21. I liked Angelfish Bows on facebook. :)

  22. Hello fellow Seattle runner. I follow you!

  23. I follow you on twitter @beana619

  24. those clips are adorable! My girls never had much hair until sometime after they were 1, at which point they wouldn't stand stuff in their hair!

  25. I follow you on Twitter, too (@runsteelsprings).

  26. Those bows are adorable! I really like the large flower ones. Good luck! It's a great idea.

  27. I tweeted about your giveaway. (That is a cool link. I'd never seen that before!)

    Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!


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