Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I HEART the Playground

You know what?  I'm so excited for Goober to be big enough to play on the playground without my help.  So far she has loved every time we've gone (or helped her go) down a slide, and if there's something that bounces...oh boy, don't get me started.  :)  Trav, Goob and I discovered a new playground in a growing development that's down the giant hill from our house.  We have to take a steep trail to get there and it's about 4.5 miles roundtrip, but it's worth it.  Nothing like a little family adventure.

Plus, all of the toys are top notch and brand spanking new.  I think Travis and I had more fun testing them out with Goober than we expected.  Strangely enough there was not a single person utilizing the beautiful day like we were.  It was a little weird.  Oh well.  The development is still in progress.  You have to love all the bright colors of the equipment.  Takes me back to when I was a kid....ahhhhh, memories.

We're in a web!
Smaller slide with Daddy

Laughing with Daddy
Bubble baby!
I love her baby feet!
The shirt says it all.
My loves.
I even got some cute videos of her going down the big slide and "walking" on the moving wheel (those things are fun!).


  1. Too cute! I love that Bucky Ball toy - I WANT to play in that one.

  2. So fun! :) Sometimes hubs and I play on the playground (if no kids are around) when we go for an evening walk.

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