Friday, August 26, 2011

All That & The Kitchen Sink, really.  The kitchen sink is involved in this post.

We finally know when we're leaving for China!  Yeah!  No more guessing and stressing out!  Next Thursday...oh boy!
We are going WHERE???
New faucet!
The other day my Dad came over and installed a new kitchen faucet at the house.  We tried to repair the current one, which had given out earlier in the morning with a sad-sounding *phhht* as I tried to do dishes, but it was extremely eroded and old.  I love doing projects with my Dad, as it's a good bonding experience for us.  My favorite memory of father/daughter bonding time was my Senior Project in HS when I made my wooden sailboat with was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.  :)  Anyway, the new faucet works like a charm, despite looking like an alien ship from "War of the Worlds" according to my Dad...haha.
I'm very grateful my Dad will be staying at my house and taking care of Murphy next month!

Travis and I both got Hep A shots this morning in preparation for the trip.  Owie.  I hate needles.  Luckily it didn't hurt that much AND we got some kicka$$ holographic band-aids!  Yeah!  Goober found them fascinating.
Wicked awesome boo boo cover, huh?
Once Goob wakes up from her nap I plan on taking her on a run to test out some new Champion gear I got in the mail this morning.  It was exciting having FedEx stop by the house!  Murphy helped open the box, explored it a little, then gave his seal of approval.  The gear is bright and festive!  I'll be reviewing it when I get home in October, but I'll be using it when I can right now.
Don't worry, that's not a dead cat...he's just in a sunshine coma after opening the box.

HAPPY FRIDAY, ALL!  Much love and luck to all those racing this weekend...
including the fantastic HTC nuun Relay teams: NUUN PLATUUN and AFTERNUUN DELIGHT!  Good luck, ladies!


  1. kewl band aid and faucet! you're all futuristic and stuff. :)

  2. I thought your kitchen sink comment was going to be related to your China trip comment. The last time we flew to the UK, the bellman at the Hilton made a comment brining everything including the kitchen sink because we had so much luggage. Have a good trip!

  3. Have fun in China. Sounds like an amazing place to visit! And that band aid is way cool. :)

  4. Loving the band aid and the faucet does look a little alienish. Don't forget to poke holes in the suitcase if that is where Goober is riding!

  5. wow, China?! Have a safe, fabulous trip!

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