Friday, August 26, 2011

All That & The Kitchen Sink, really.  The kitchen sink is involved in this post.

We finally know when we're leaving for China!  Yeah!  No more guessing and stressing out!  Next Thursday...oh boy!
We are going WHERE???
New faucet!
The other day my Dad came over and installed a new kitchen faucet at the house.  We tried to repair the current one, which had given out earlier in the morning with a sad-sounding *phhht* as I tried to do dishes, but it was extremely eroded and old.  I love doing projects with my Dad, as it's a good bonding experience for us.  My favorite memory of father/daughter bonding time was my Senior Project in HS when I made my wooden sailboat with was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.  :)  Anyway, the new faucet works like a charm, despite looking like an alien ship from "War of the Worlds" according to my Dad...haha.
I'm very grateful my Dad will be staying at my house and taking care of Murphy next month!

Travis and I both got Hep A shots this morning in preparation for the trip.  Owie.  I hate needles.  Luckily it didn't hurt that much AND we got some kicka$$ holographic band-aids!  Yeah!  Goober found them fascinating.
Wicked awesome boo boo cover, huh?
Once Goob wakes up from her nap I plan on taking her on a run to test out some new Champion gear I got in the mail this morning.  It was exciting having FedEx stop by the house!  Murphy helped open the box, explored it a little, then gave his seal of approval.  The gear is bright and festive!  I'll be reviewing it when I get home in October, but I'll be using it when I can right now.
Don't worry, that's not a dead cat...he's just in a sunshine coma after opening the box.

HAPPY FRIDAY, ALL!  Much love and luck to all those racing this weekend...
including the fantastic HTC nuun Relay teams: NUUN PLATUUN and AFTERNUUN DELIGHT!  Good luck, ladies!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So This is BIG

Here's the NEWS:
Photo: Destination360
Travis, Goober and I are going to be living in Shanghai, China for one month...and we leave on MONDAY.  That's right, August 29th.  Next week.  Next Monday.  Oh boy.  Commence freakout.

This was a very sudden trip that needed to be taken by Travis for work, as we just found out about it last Thursday.  I'm extremely nervous going to a country that speaks Mandarin, as I know nothing about the language (yet), but even more nervous about traveling with an infant...halfway around the world.  Wow.  It should be a trip for sure.

A couple of things:

  • My Dad is staying at our house, so there will be someone here at all times and Mr. Murphy kitty will not be alone.  
  • My little sister, Liza, will be using my race bib for the Iron Girl 5K in Greenlake on the 11th of Sept.  I'm bummed to miss this fun race, but I know Liza will have a great time.  Remember last year her appendix burst the day before and she couldn't run it?...what a wimp!  Ha!  ;)
  • My You Go Girl Half Marathon bib is up for grabs if someone wants to buy it off me.  Again, super bummed I'm missing this race too!  I love these ladies!  You will be an automatic team member of "Will Run for Ice Cream."  Let me know if you want the bib!  
  • There are a bunch of reviews I need to do when I get back, so hopefully I'll get some writing done over in China.  We'll see.
  • I will have internet access, but I know Facebook doesn't work...we'll see about Blogger and such.  EEK!

Goober is going international, baby!

Anyone been to China before?  Tips/advice?  

I'm going to miss you all!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today was one of those genuine SUMMER days that made you think of swimming in the lake and riding bikes with your friends as a kid. ;) I let Goober play nekkid in her kiddie pool for a half hour. She adores water and loved every second of it. Makes me really excited to think about future summers with a growing Goober. How fun will this be? Tons. She gets to experience childhood Summer bliss like I did...and that is going to be amazing. Man, I love being Goober's mum.

News & Some Winners!

Goober started clapping this week!
Hey all!  So here's the scoop: some really BIG news got dropped on my family on Thursday and it's going to affect my blogging for a bit.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we have some winners!  YAY!

The winner of the Mini Appreciation Giveaway is....
The randomized list of entrants

Cat B!

The winners of the Delta Labs Postnatal Thermogenic supplements are...
Randomized list of entrants

Kimberly and Erica!

Okay ladies, please e-mail me at with your mailing address and I'll send out the prizes!  WOOHOO!  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I HEART the Playground

You know what?  I'm so excited for Goober to be big enough to play on the playground without my help.  So far she has loved every time we've gone (or helped her go) down a slide, and if there's something that bounces...oh boy, don't get me started.  :)  Trav, Goob and I discovered a new playground in a growing development that's down the giant hill from our house.  We have to take a steep trail to get there and it's about 4.5 miles roundtrip, but it's worth it.  Nothing like a little family adventure.

Plus, all of the toys are top notch and brand spanking new.  I think Travis and I had more fun testing them out with Goober than we expected.  Strangely enough there was not a single person utilizing the beautiful day like we were.  It was a little weird.  Oh well.  The development is still in progress.  You have to love all the bright colors of the equipment.  Takes me back to when I was a kid....ahhhhh, memories.

We're in a web!
Smaller slide with Daddy

Laughing with Daddy
Bubble baby!
I love her baby feet!
The shirt says it all.
My loves.
I even got some cute videos of her going down the big slide and "walking" on the moving wheel (those things are fun!).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motivation Lacking

Super cute Kerrie, me, Sassy Mel and the Goober Monster
Today was a lazy day.  In fact, this whole week feels like a lazy week.  After a really stressful/crazy last week, I just wanted to lay low for a bit.  Oh, and I also had a molar pulled this morning.  Mouth surgery = not fun.  So, I've been out of it.  Especially mentally as my pain medication has me a bit loopy.  Woo!

My Mt. Rainier hike recap is coming along that should be up soon.

Anyone have any great running plans for the weekend?  After last Saturday's 7 miler with the lovely Kerrie and Mel, I definitely would like to plan another running "date!"  Running blogger runs are always full of surprises. ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where did 9 months go?

Goober is 9 months old today. 




I love you, you little Goober monster you. I can't wait to see where the next months will take us. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Postnatal Thermogenic Supplement Review & Giveaway

It's no secret that I had a baby almost 9 months ago (I did? Wha??).  With the cute Goober baby came some extra weight in "mommy areas" and in--ahem--my boobs.  Well, for other purposes.  This supplement is for both those areas!  I was contacted by Delta Labs to review a product a little time ago and I was immediately drawn to this supplement: Postnatal Thermogenic.
According to Delta Labs:
"Our Postnatal supplement is the perfect solution to help new moms shed those extra pounds and return to their pre-pregnancy weight.  Not only will you feel better, but you will be a better caregiver of your new baby.  Less body fat means more energy, which equates to a lower sleep requirement.  Most new moms have precious little time for sleep, so anything that can maximize your body's efficiency goes a long way."
Added Herbal Lactation Support"We've added an herbal formula proven to enhance lactation, something that is very important for new moms.  This herbal formula contains White Kidney Bean extract, Glucomannan, Fenugreek, and Marshmallow extract, four herbs that many nutritionists agree is a great blend for increasing lactation."

My Experience:
To be honest, I wasn't as interested in the fat-burning properties of this supplement as I was in the lactation benefits.  Since marathon training began in full-force right after having Goober, amidst nursing, I noticed that as my miles increased, my supply dwindled a little.  And I'm actually surprised that taking these supplements has made a noticeable difference.  As far as fat-burning---sure, I suppose that along with my normal exercise regimen this is a nice little "extra" boost for me.

There's nothing better than fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!  It's so cliche, but it feels amazing to slip on my favorite comfy jeans after having to wear sweats for awhile.  :)

I took this morning and night for a month and I didn't have any crazy tummy issues or side-effects.  In fact, unlike my actually prenatal vitamins that smell like horse poo (I plug my nose to take them), these capsules smell like marshmallows!  Nice!

For more information on Delta Labs products, visit their website here.
And yes, they do have dude-friendly products too. ;)

This is a great little additional supplement for new mommas, and I encourage you to check it out.  In the meantime, who wants to win a bottle of these supplements???

TWO lucky readers will win a 30-day supply of Postnatal Thermogenic capsules.  

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(Please leave separate comments for each entry)

Mandatory Entry:
  • Follow RZR via Google Friend Connect, e-mail, RSS feed, etc...let me know in a comment
Additional Entries:
  • Check out Delta Labs website and let me know which product peaks your interest
  • "Like" RZR on Facebook
  • "Like" Delta Labs on Facebook and let them know RZR sent you
  • Follow me on Twitter, @RunZoeRun
  • Link to this giveaway to your blog, Tweet it (include @RunZoeRun), or Facebook it.  Let me know in a comment (1 entry each)
  • Use this awesome little button: 
The giveaway will end at midnight PST Friday 8/19, with the two winners picked via the RunZoeRun Winner Generator.  Winners announced on Saturday the 20th.  Good luck!

**Note: I was provided this product free of charge to test from Delta Labs and was not compensated for my review. Giveaway hosted by Delta Labs and product shipped directly from merchant. Thanks!**

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Sayin'...& a Lil Giveaway

You know what is really REALLY REALLY AWESOME????


Yes, YOU!

The readers of this dorky, strange, random running blog of mine.  And I thank you for it.  Your comments inspire me and keep me going when I'm feeling down or low on motivation.  I mean, you all were incredible to me in the time leading up to my monumental marathon extravaganza.  :)

So just 'cuz, I'm having a little random giveaway related to summer, as I don't want it to end quite yet (it feels like it's just getting started here in Seattle).  And, sorry dudes, this one's a little geared toward the ladies...I'll get ya soon.

- Seychelles Handbag Holder
- Blue/Pink Notecards & Envelopes
- Some seed packets: veggies, watermelon, flowers (mine are growing on my kitchen windowsill)
- A foldable grocery tote for your handbag.  Be a little "greener" folks!
- Peeps Strawberry Marshmallow Chapstick (YES!  It's yummy!)
- Mini pedicure set
- Some of my favorite Crystal Light packets (Fruit Punch)
- Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper - BRAND NEW!  This stuff is incredible.
I may throw some more random/fun stuff in the package for sh!ts and giggles too.

Ah yes!  The randomness continues!  I should have some running-related giveaways coming very stay tuned my dears. ;)

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(Please leave separate comments for each entry)

Mandatory Entry:
  • Follow RZR via Google Friend Connect, e-mail, etc...because this is a "Reader Appreciation" giveaway after all. Comment below. ;)
Additional Entries:
  • "Like" Run, Zoë, Run! on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter, @RunZoeRun 
  • Link this little giveaway to your blog, Tweet it (include @RunZoeRun), or Facebook.  Let me know in a comment (1 entry each)
  • Check out my new little Etsy venture, Angelfish Bows.  Let me know what you think in a comment.
  • Like Angelfish Bows?  Well, be a friend on Facebook
  • Use this super handy button: 

The giveaway will end at midnight Wednesday 8/17 (a random day!), with the winner picked via the RunZoeRun Winner Generator.  Winner announced on Thursday the 18th.  I will ship to the winner. 

**Note:  I paid for these products to give to one lucky reader because I'm just cool like that.**

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Video Killed the Blog-eo Star

Hey!  Who's that hanging out with at timestamp 1:03 in the video?

It's me!  Say what?! ;)

Also, has a Facebook app sweepstakes going on to win a $500 New Balance shopping spree!  YEAH!  Check it out here.

Does anyone else see the "Z" on the shoe like I do?  HA!  Meant to be!


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