Monday, July 25, 2011

Spectating See Jane Run!

The fun thing about finishing a big race is to cheer and bring home the other runners afterwards.  I've always been a big "cheering" advocate at races I participate in, so spectating the See Jane Run Half was a lot of fun.

After getting my cute medal and posing for a pic from the official photog, I grabbed a water and headed back to the hills near the finish line.  Who cares if I didn't know anyone running a particular segment, I just yelled and cheered at every woman (and occasional man) that ran by.
"You've GOT THIS!"  
"Good job, ladies!"  
"Lookin' good!"  
"Downhill from here!"

You know what?  I love doing this!  Since I appreciate spectators of any kind cheering at races, I feel it's only appropriate I "give back" some spectating love to others.  :)  And I get to see the best moments in a race: people seeing the finish line.  The renewed energy in the air is almost tangible as you witness runners "near the end."  It's awesome.

 My high school buddy E posed for me as she ran by...she's kind of crazy and you want to know why?  The longest run she had done prior to this half marathon (her first half and first race of any kind) was only THREE MILES.  WHA???  And she finished in 2 hours and 10 minutes!  Holy cow!  She's a rockstar for sure.
Go E!!!
Saw Diana finish strong, too!
Yeah Diana!!
Then Jayne and Mel came by, and I HAD to take a video instead...oh, and I tried a more "muffled" yell in order to save listeners' ears.

And finally Chelsea (looking REALLY DETERMINED) and Kerrie were there to finish! (Beware, I yelled a little loud).

I was so excited to see Chelsea and Kerrie at the end!  I quickly (well, as fast as my stiff calves could take me) walked back to the finish area to find my friends and celebrate with some champagne and chocolate!  YUM!

May I say that champagne is pretty damn good after a race?  Strange, but really good.  Chelsea's awesome man/fiance M surprised her with flowers, it was so sweet.  I'm so proud of Chelsea! (Read her recap here and here)  And Jayne too!  Unfortunately at this point the weather decided it had had enough of playing nice and the rain started.  Oh, and so did my blue lips and shivering.  But no worries, I'd rather hang out than be the party pooper (and I wasn't as cold as people probably thought).  

The Tall Sisters and little me
Speedy Running Skirt guru Larissa & I after the Half (she not only finished a wicked fast Half, but had worked at the expo the day before AND after the race!)
The Bubbly
Mel and her Muscle Man (thanks MM for the race pics!!)
My "PR" pose
Hurray LADIES!
As the rain picked up even more, we said our goodbyes and headed off to our cars.  Kerrie had imbibed in two three cups of bubbly, and she was, well, bubbly!  It was pretty funny seeing Kerrie buzzed.  HEEHEE!  In the car I tried to take a picture of my blue lips, but I don't think this does it justice.
My blue lips
After getting back to my car at Chelsea's house we relished in the warmth of the butt warmer seats of the Volvo.  Ahhhhhh.  Then we talked and goofed off on our way back to my house.  At one point Kerrie said,
"I run fun for faster!"

Uh, what?  "I mean, I run faster for fun."  Was that the bubbly talking?  Either way, it was memorable.  

Thanks to all that made the race day super special!  I'm so glad I got to share in Jayne and Chelsea's big moment. :)
Cheers to that!


  1. spectating and cheering is fun!

  2. I think its awesome you go back after you're finished to 'give back' to the other runners- I need to be better about doing that!

  3. You are an awesome cheerleader! My friend and I always make a point to go back and cheer for other runners. You never know who might really need you to give them a "way to go!" along the way.

    I was having a rough race in Chicago last year and none of the crowd broke through to me except one lady at mile 12 who said "Keep it up - you are STRONG" and that really, really helped push me through to finish. :)

  4. Like.

    It's so great to run with friends that are faster than me, I'm guaranteed someone will be cheering at the finish! You were terrific!

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