Thursday, July 7, 2011

RnR Blogger Dinner Extras

So close!

At dinner Mel taunted me with the 26.2 car magnet that she would give me once I finished the race.  I wanted it SO BAD! ;)

Since the blogger meetup was on the second floor, Jill thought it was a good idea to take the elevator down to the first floor after dinner was over.  Gotta save those legs for the race!  So Chelsea, Jill, Kerrie and I hopped into the elevator and proceeded to get our stretch on.  We were so into the stretching that we forgot to press the floor button!  Ahhhhh.  Silly runners.  But hey, it gave us a better time to stretch out those muscles. 

That's right, Jill.
Reach the sky!
Get those quads loose.

I attribute my lack of soreness from the marathon to THAT elevator stretching session with Chelsea, Jill and Kerrie. ;)


  1. MAN! Now I'm jealous x 44.

    Loving the photos.

  2. I have a 26.2 magnet but its not allowed on my car until after October 9th :) Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. You girls are HYSTERICAL with the elevator stretching!!!


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