Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Post-Race: Seattle RnR Marathon

Goober was happy to see Mommy. The feeling was mutual. :)
Some Seattle RnR recap links real quick:
My marathon recap is here.
Kerrie's is here.
Alma's here (go give her some injury well wishes!).
Mel's half marathon recap is here.  Amanda's here.  Jess' here.  Stacie's here.

Kerrie and I hung out in the finishing chute for a bit before realizing we could actually get our water/food and go around and join the group on the other side.  Duh.  Our brains were a bit fried.  Mel handed us bananas and we took some pictures.
Happy/relieved to be done!
We are sweaty messes. In a good way, of course.
I have no clue what we were laughing at...
Kerrie is all smiles!
Mmmm. Naners.
Getting our victory picture taken!
Going to join the group
After grabbing some grub, we made our way to the "B" family meetup spot.  I immediately saw my little Goober baby in her stroller and was SO EXCITED to see her!  She, of course, was pretty excited to see me too...and my pain melted away at that moment.  
Reuniting with my beautiful daughter
Hugging my father-in-law
My wonderful in-laws were there, too.  I was happy to see them!  They came and saw the end of my first half marathon back in November 2009, so I'm grateful to have them support me in my crazy running endeavors.  
You know what else is pretty amazing?  My running buddies...they waited HOURS to see Kerrie and I cross the finish line after they all finished their halves.  THANK YOU, ladies (and Gents!)!  Blessed, for sure. 

Amanda, Stacie, Mel, Diana, I should know your name, me,
Kerrie, Jess, Jill

And we had to do Amanda's signature pose!

Thank you for being an awesome race support crew, Chelsea!
Kerrie and Chelsea
Mel acted like my brain after I said bye to Travis, Goober and my in-laws (they had to leave for another prior commitment), she steered me towards the UPS trucks that held our checked gear bags.  Putting on my pink compression socks and tan Crocs were a bigger task than I anticipated.  My legs/calves were rickety and my feet were balls of fire.  Thankfully my new sock & Crocs combo worked and gave me a little relief.  After taking some more pictures with the crew, it was time to say farewell until the SLUMBER PARTY later that night.  Kerrie, Mr. T and T Jr. were giving me a ride home...thank you all!  

The ride to Kerrie's minivan was a fun convo with T Jr who was showing me every piece of his homemade trail mix.  It was 30 minutes of "Cereal!", "Chocolate peanut!", "Raisin!"  He'd show me the piece and I'd repeat it back to him "Chocolate peanut!"  It was cute.  He's such a HAM!

Pizza and cupcakes at Mel's house!  I brought Miss Goob with me and we all relaxed, laughed, and ate yummy food. :)  Even Goober had fun!  Although we couldn't stay overnight because Goober insisted on sleeping in her own crib...geez!

Me & Goober (holding her prunes, which would end up on my shirt)
Chelsea and I were dressed similarly!  Our "I Ran Seattle" shirts and brown glasses.
Chelsea, Amanda, Diana
Jess, me & Goober, Mel, Kerrie, Jill
Cupcake battle!  Amanda vs. Jill!
So ladies...when are we going to do this again?  
Same time next year, right?


  1. Same time, half the distance. :P

  2. Looks like a GREAT time!!! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! I think I need to come next year. haha Sounds like the whole day was amazing!

  4. Yeah Zoe! You are so incredible - running a marathon so soon after having a baby! It took me over a year to get going again. You are definitely going to be my inspiration during my next pregnancy :)

  5. Looks like a blast ladies, I'd love to run with y'all sometime!

  6. I LOVE the picture of you and Goober after the race --- I completely know the feeling :) (well, the feeling after a half anyway!!)

  7. How cute are you and Goober?????


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