Friday, July 22, 2011

I Love Me Some Greenlake! & Shoes!

How was your Thursday?  Mine was busy!

Molly, me, Lindsey
Yesterday I stopped by Greenlake for the New Balance Minimus event at the southend of the lake for a bit.  It was nice to finally put a face to the name and meet Lindsey of (and Molly, too!).  Not only were the ladies super sweet, but so were the New Balance Minimus shoes!  MAN!  I got to test drive run a pair for a minute and they were like feet hugs.  Really comfy, minimal and not too tight.  Plus, they have the Vibram outsole technology for maximum durability.  The pair I tried on were the WT10 Trail model in black/blue, but they have different colors and terrain options too: for "Road" and for "Life."  The motto is pretty neat:

How awesome are these shoes?  I want!

After hanging out for a little while, Goober and I ran around the lake twice.  She instantly fell asleep after we started moving, thank goodness.  Her naps have been, um, difficult lately.  On the second go-round of the lake trail we were stopped in our tracks by a flock of geese.  My thoughts went immediately to Kerrie and her fear, so I had to snap a picture.

Sorry Kerrie.  But they were nice geese, except they pooped all over the trail. 
Goose, goose, goose, geese, "geeses." 
When the Goobs woke up, we watched some lifeguards-in-training in the water for a couple minutes.  She was mesmerized by the people swimming and jumping in the water from the floating docks.  :)  My future swimmer/lifeguard/runner/ninja.
Goober and her trusty companion, Bruce the Moose
Happy Friday, all!!  Anyone racing this weekend?  

I want to give a shout-out to the people doing Ragnar in the NW this weekend:
Brad from Allied Steel Medal Displays


  1. Oh my word she is such a cutie pie!!! I may need to branch out and join the minimalist band wagon!

  2. Sad I missed the event...not sad I missed the geese.

  3. Sad I missed the event too, silly JOB.

    My bf is afraid of geese too, one bit him at Gasworks when he was little and now he has no interest in being near them. LOL

  4. I loved the NB Minimus trail shoe. They are next on my list to add to the stable.

  5. The shoes look great! I get why you covet them!

    Mom's Home Run

  6. Cute shoes! I'm waiting for a pair of NBs in the mail :)


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