Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baked Potatoes Don't Mesh with Raccoons

No no no....I'm definitely not becoming a foodie blog.  I don't cook, remember? And why would I have the word "raccoon" in the title if I was?  Yeah, that's gross.

I love night runs that have surprises---fun, good ones, of course.  Last night's 3 miles were refreshing, yet bug-filled, and a much needed break from Goober duties. ;)  Here are my observations for the run:

A raccoon I've seen before in the same area was just chillin' in the last moments of daylight with the cats in the "cat sanctuary" in the neighborhood.  I've nicknamed him Bandit, because he likes to crash the CATS ONLY party of the wetlands.  He was cool and posed for a picture.
What's up, Bandit?
If I had a pool in my backyard, I'd probably find this furry dude swimming, a la EMZ's pool visitor.  But I'm not afraid of raccoons...I think they are often misunderstood.  And maybe he'd give me a run for my money on treading water (although I'm pretty good).

The cats weren't so happy to have the paparazzi snapping away by their home:
Sorry guys, you're just so cute and fuzzy.
Later on, a girl on a bike said she liked my tank top (a magenta Running Chic's tank), I smelled some WICKED yummy baked potatoes (and meatloaf), saw a dude mowing his tiny lawn on a John Deere (WTH?), nearly got run over by a cop car while crossing the street (woah), and of course, the ultimate RZR running adventure staple: the nekkid semi.

DUDE, this one is trying to be all camouflaged and stuff!  AACK!
Nice try!  I see you in all of your nekkidness, Mr. Semi!
Didn't get to go outdoors that much today, but tomorrow should be nicer.  Yay!

What did you see on your run today?


  1. My SIL had a raccoon 'break' into her house....I have hated them ever since because of the damage they did.
    My run yesterday was fun as I found an actual bike path I can run on at work. Who knew?

  2. Amazing what you can see & smell in 3 miles!

    We've been seeing lots of bunnies & foxes (fox?) lately!

  3. i run by a bunny sanctuary in my 'hood, annnnnd if my dog is with me that never ends well.

  4. My father in law has a friend who actually raises racoons as pets!

  5. Awww the kitties and racoons are friends :)

    I always see lots of cats and rabbits when I am running. Some cool things I have seen recently are a coyote, 2 storks, and an 8 point buck.

  6. The raccoon has some balls - he's not afraid! Maybe he'll scare the nekkid semi away...

  7. I saw 3 fawns in a field. Unfortunately I think their mommy was hit on the road (booo drivers!). They were fairly young so it was a beautiful but sad thing to see. I don't know if they are old enough to make it alone.

    And an array of drivers. Sometimes they can be pretty interesting to see each morning.

  8. Yesterday I got out for a lunch break run (I usually go mid-morning). I had to run by a McDonald's at noon within the Seattle city limits. I nearly got mowed over by people trying to get their nasty food fix. Eek!

  9. I saw a cute bunny next to the golf course on the CRT. It was up on a retaining wall, so it was at eye-level, and it was all, "What up, Doc?"


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