Monday, June 6, 2011

Pearl iZUMi Shorts Review

A little while ago I asked Devon at OutsidePR if she had any compression shorts for review because, well, I still have some "jiggly bits" left over from my pregnancy with Goob.  She was awesome and sent me two pairs of Pearl iZUMi's Infinity Compression Shorts and a pair of the Infinity Split Short to try out.  Thanks Devon!

I've been meaning to review these earlier, but some things--ahem, Goob--have prevented me from getting it done.

Let's be honest here: Spandex on anyone can be iffy.  Sure, it's an amazing (and often necessary) form of compression, but even the most toned bodies can sometimes not pull off some Spandex apparel items.  Really.  They aren't very forgiving, yet they help with recovery.  Oh, it's a dilemma, I say.

These shorts have fantastic compression properties, but they have one little drawback: there's elastic at the bottom hem which turns my legs into, well, sausages links (or so it looks from the I'll spare you that picture).  However, that elastic makes the shorts less likely to ride up, so it's a 50/50 situation.  So until I stretch out the lower elastic a little, I mainly use these shorts for my treadmill running....and they are awesome!  No inner thigh chafing issues here!

Biker chick.  I realize my butt looks flat. Hmmm. Must work on this...
The fit is snug, and the shorts sit around my natural waist.  They are a bit higher than I normally wear, but that extra height keeps my tummy in check. ;)  There's also a nice little pocket on the back of the shorts to store a gel or keys, which is always convenient.

The Split Shorts are wicked soft and dry extremely quickly.  They are a bit tight at the top elastic/drawstring waistband, but they are a size Small (perhaps I could've used a Medium instead). ;)  There's also a zippered back pocket on these shorts for a gel/keys/etc as well.  The inner liner breathes well and doesn't feel too constricting.  Overall, these shorts are comfy to run in, and the side split is flattering.  You know all hardcore runner peeps like to show off some leg.  Yeah!
Cool little screen print on the side.
Think I have a chance as a shorts model?  Eh?  Ha ha.  Overall, I'm impressed with Pearl iZUMi products and I definitely consider them for my running apparel needs now.

Check out all of Pearl iZUMi's awesome products on their website HERE or find them on good 'ol Facebook HERE

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific products I was provided with.  I received these shorts free of charge from OutsidePR/Pearl iZUMi and was not compensated for my review in any way.**

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  1. Both pairs are super cute! I like the length on the "swishy" pair. :)


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