Friday, June 17, 2011

Long Run with Mel!

My first meeting with Mel back in Fall 2009!
I haven't run with Mel in a long time!  So tomorrow morning I get the honor of running with the newly birthday'd Tall Mom for some mileage therapy.  This will be the last long run until next Saturday's marathon.  Oh.My.Goodness.

Blogging is still really tough with infant Goober.  I'm working on some product reviews and giveaways, and it's taking so long to complete them!  Argh.  I wish I had a clone of myself sometimes.


  1. I so there, I want to get back into blogging but it is card with my baby

  2. very cool!! how many miles?

  3. Super fun! I remember the first time I saw that picture I thought you were so badass with that leather jacket. I love it. Have a great run! Miss you guys! Kisses to Goober!

  4. Have fun! I'm heading out soon for a rainy run too, but only a 5k.

  5. I can relate. Sometimes it's so hard to do something for yourself. It can be quite frustrating.

  6. Your marathon came up so fast!!! I'm excited for you : )


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