Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crap Crusader Update!

Take THAT, stupid dog owner! Guess my handmade sign was just a tad blunt, so someone made a more polite version and stuck it on the pole. Ha! Love it! It stopped me in my tracks on my "victory lap" 2.5 mile run tonight. :)

I'll be updating about the marathon ASAP...but for now I can only blog via e-mail because a certain husband named Travis has hijacked the computer. Again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The marathon starts in 5 hours!  Can't sleep. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Hi!

Um, yeah.  Marathon the day after tomorrow.  Busy busy busy!  Here's a quick recap.

Post-run pic, of course
Saturday - Last long run with Mel on Orting Trail.
Rainy rainy rainy.  It was cold and soggy, but we chatted the entire 10 miles.  I even made Mel run the hilly course option on the return 5 miles.  Heh!  It was really pretty out though.  And there was a car show going on in the town, despite the rain, so it was neat seeing some classic (and gorgeous!) cars.  Mel was awesome and treated me to chocolate milk and a croissant afterwards.  Yum.  It was delish!  Very thankful that Mel has been training with me for over a year!!  **Note:  I got some interesting remarks about my sunglasses on Mel's recap...and I want to say that unfortunately no, it wasn't wishful thinking...I'm just a bug magnet and I need eye windshields.  Hee hee!  I always wear the sunglasses or glasses, even though I may tend to forget to put them on my face and end up wearing them on my head. ;)

Sunday - Trav's first father's day with Goober!
Trav & Goob
We went to the Mariner's game with Trav's family, and the M's won.  Woot!  Goober has already been to a game, so she's a seasoned pro now.  She absolutely loved looking around and seeing everything.  She actually slept in Trav's arms for a good half hour too!  It was fun hanging out with Trav's fam, even though I missed my Dad and siblings that morning.  Oh well.  Next year!

Monday - Ran with Kerrie & our munchkins.
Quite the experience!  Goober was not happy at all and so I had to stop and feed her some pears for a bit at the 2 mile mark.  Still wasn't happy after eating, so Kerrie and I found ourselves pretty much sprinting with the jogging strollers.  Oh boy.  Goober is a Speed Demon Coach I say!  I actually had to take her out and carry her for a 1/4 mile because she just wouldn't stop the big-tear crying. :(  But once she was carried, all was good.  Silly girl.  Ooooo!  And Goober started swim lessons...and she LOVES it!  Yay!

Grumpy Goob, happy T Jr.

OH GOODNESS.  The rest of the week has been Goober swim lessons, working on the blogger meetup surprise and trying to get my head together for Saturday.  

I'm bib #16020.  Track my progress!  :)

Later dudes.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Long Run with Mel!

My first meeting with Mel back in Fall 2009!
I haven't run with Mel in a long time!  So tomorrow morning I get the honor of running with the newly birthday'd Tall Mom for some mileage therapy.  This will be the last long run until next Saturday's marathon.  Oh.My.Goodness.

Blogging is still really tough with infant Goober.  I'm working on some product reviews and giveaways, and it's taking so long to complete them!  Argh.  I wish I had a clone of myself sometimes.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A New Running Buddy!

This morning I met up with Michelle, a local blogger/runner/awesome chick, for some early AM mileage on the Cedar River Trail.  She's been searching for a running buddy to meet up with, and of course I wanted to help out. :)  Turns out, we have some things in common.

Post-run photo, of course!
We both gag if we use GU energy gel during a run.  We both love Costco frozen yogurt.  We both have foot/feet problems.  We both have to wear something pink when we run.  And apparently we both wear quite a bit of Nike apparel. ;)

It was 8 miles filled with random conversation, and it was FUN.  Can't wait to run with her again soon!  Thanks Michelle!

Before I met with Michelle for 8 miles, I completed 3 miles solo to make my total mileage over the double digit range....I guess this is my last "long run" before the big 'ol marathon in *gulp* two weeks!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Firsts & Improvising

Our Amanda pose
I've been busy lately, and so blogging has taken a backseat to the rest of my life's happenings.  Last Sunday's run with Kerrie was, um, interesting.  I realized that since I ran out of my daily vitamin, my energy levels have seriously lacked.  Who knew?  Plus, the humidity was killer (and so was the decision to run 7 hilly miles after eating pizza).  At least it was great seeing Kerrie!! :)

A couple of firsts around here:

  • On a run the other day pushing Goober in the jogger I had someone yell out "MILF!" from a passing vehicle.  It was pretty funny and made me laugh (kind of flattering too?).  Glad they didn't wake up the Goob though.  Better than an obnoxious HONK. ;)
  • I pulled/strained a muscle in my back....taking off my tight sports bra after a run.  WTH?  When did I become an old woman?  It took my breath away and hurt like a mo fo, so much so that Travis stayed home with me the next day because picking up Goober was not an easy task. :(  It's a little better, but feels tweaky at times.  Looks like I need to step up the weight training!
  • Planning my first high school reunion (or helping plan it).  It's really been 10 years already?  It's a stressful task.
  • Getting sued.  Nothing we did wrong though. :(
  • Considering moving the fam to my Dad's house temporarily.  Oh boy.
That sums up some of the events in the household.  

As for improvising, since I don't own a "Stick" or foam roller, I decided to try out my own tool: the rolling pin.  Rolled out my calves after a couple runs, and it feels so good!
Roll, roll, roll your calves...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pearl iZUMi Shorts Review

A little while ago I asked Devon at OutsidePR if she had any compression shorts for review because, well, I still have some "jiggly bits" left over from my pregnancy with Goob.  She was awesome and sent me two pairs of Pearl iZUMi's Infinity Compression Shorts and a pair of the Infinity Split Short to try out.  Thanks Devon!

I've been meaning to review these earlier, but some things--ahem, Goob--have prevented me from getting it done.

Let's be honest here: Spandex on anyone can be iffy.  Sure, it's an amazing (and often necessary) form of compression, but even the most toned bodies can sometimes not pull off some Spandex apparel items.  Really.  They aren't very forgiving, yet they help with recovery.  Oh, it's a dilemma, I say.

These shorts have fantastic compression properties, but they have one little drawback: there's elastic at the bottom hem which turns my legs into, well, sausages links (or so it looks from the front...so I'll spare you that picture).  However, that elastic makes the shorts less likely to ride up, so it's a 50/50 situation.  So until I stretch out the lower elastic a little, I mainly use these shorts for my treadmill running....and they are awesome!  No inner thigh chafing issues here!

Biker chick.  I realize my butt looks flat. Hmmm. Must work on this...
The fit is snug, and the shorts sit around my natural waist.  They are a bit higher than I normally wear, but that extra height keeps my tummy in check. ;)  There's also a nice little pocket on the back of the shorts to store a gel or keys, which is always convenient.

The Split Shorts are wicked soft and dry extremely quickly.  They are a bit tight at the top elastic/drawstring waistband, but they are a size Small (perhaps I could've used a Medium instead). ;)  There's also a zippered back pocket on these shorts for a gel/keys/etc as well.  The inner liner breathes well and doesn't feel too constricting.  Overall, these shorts are comfy to run in, and the side split is flattering.  You know all hardcore runner peeps like to show off some leg.  Yeah!
Cool little screen print on the side.
Think I have a chance as a shorts model?  Eh?  Ha ha.  Overall, I'm impressed with Pearl iZUMi products and I definitely consider them for my running apparel needs now.

Check out all of Pearl iZUMi's awesome products on their website HERE or find them on good 'ol Facebook HERE

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific products I was provided with.  I received these shorts free of charge from OutsidePR/Pearl iZUMi and was not compensated for my review in any way.**

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saucony Kilkenny Product Review

My first running shoes back in my Jr. High X-Country days were Saucony.  They were fantastic!  I remember trying out Adidas and Nike, and they just didn't feel right on my little banana feet despite being the "cool" brands to wear.  Lindsey from OnlineShoes sent me a shout-out asking if I was interested in reviewing a pair of Sauconys and I jumped at the chance!  Woot!  Hello old friend!

Completely bada$$ shoes here...
I've been eyeing the Saucony Kilkenny racing flats for a while now.  In fact, Coach Fish is a huge fan of the Kilkenny* shoe and probably has a half dozen pairs in rotation (no joke, this guy seriously has around 24 pairs of running shoes just chillin' in his closet...all in the rotation and all for a certain type of run, of course).  Why does he like it?  It's extremely lightweight and no-nonsense.  Meaning there isn't a lot of extra foam/rubber/anti-gravity-compounds/springs/air bubble pocket holders/etc....he's all about the "less is more" approach to the running shoe.  I couldn't agree more, and these Kilkenny flats fit the bill.

The shipping from OnlineShoes was very quick, and when I received the coveted shoebox I immediately tried the shoes on.  Uh oh.  Bummer.  Dun DUN DUN!  They were too small. :(  I did get the chance to put them on and run around the carpet in my house for a little bit.  I loved the way the sides hugged my feet and felt like they just molded to my foot.  Plus, get this, the shoes weigh only 5 ounces!  They were like slippers!  I love shoes like this.

From talking to other Saucony wearers it seems that the shoes can run a little small, which is definitely good to know when ordering online.  The awesome part about OnlineShoes is that they have free exchanges (including shipping!), so I'll be taking advantage of that and getting a larger pair of Kilkenny flats.  I can't wait to try them out...perhaps even in the white/pink color, too! ;)

I'll be sure to give an update on the real road test of these shoes when I get the correct size.  Stay tuned!

*Yes, every time I say the name of this shoe I immediately think "Ohmygod!  They killed Kenny!  You bastards!" from good 'ol South Park and it makes me chuckle.  

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product I was provided with.  I received these Saucony shoes free of charge from OnlineShoes and was not compensated for my review in any way.**

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The 20 Recap

20 miles.  ROUGH.

I got up at 5:30 to feed Goober, then quickly get ready and be out the door by 6:15 at the latest.  Unfortunately my "at the latest" turned into 6:30 as Goober took forever to eat, I couldn't find my Road ID, and the peanut butter was not cooperating with my bread and jam.  Excuses, I know.  But I had a reason to get out and start running by 6:50am on the trail...I was to meet my friend Leah at 8:30 for 10 miles, but I was running 10 miles solo prior to our meetup.  Oh boy!  10 solo miles!

Since my toes and feet are not in the best condition (missing 3 toenails, 6 black nails, and of course the ever-present foot neuroma pain), I wanted to try out running without my custom orthotics.  To be honest, I think they've been hurting me more than helping lately.  Basically, I'm figuring out what shoes I want to wear for this month's (!) marathon.  Eh, more on that later.

The route I decided to take was out 5 miles on the Orting Trail, then back to the car to meet Leah, then out 5 miles in the other direction, then back to our cars again.  It sounds so much nicer when it's broken into four 5 mile chunks* (thank you, Kerrie, for the idea!).  So, I'll break down the run in chunks, and bullet points.

First 5 mile thoughts:

  • Hmmm, quite a few cyclists out this morning.
  • Why are my calves feeling sore?
  • Huh, I like this song.  *repeat*
  • My water tastes like sink.
  • Oh good grief, I don't want to be murdered behind this creepy looking house!
  • Smells like Christmas! (as I passed an XMas tree farm)
  • Railroad crossing???  EEK!  Sprint!
  • I wonder how Kerrie is doing on her 20 miles in Chelan?
And then back 5 miles:
  • I CAN DO THIS.  EMZ ran for 24 hours on a freaking TREADMILL....this is NOTHING.
  • *crunch* Oh god, I stepped on a snail
  • Wow calves, you can stop pestering me.  This isn't cool, ya know.
  • Don't choke on that Shot Blok. Don't choke on that Shot Blok.
  • Railroad crossing again.  Fartlek! AAAA!
  • Man, that fence needs some serious TLC.  Giant paint chips all over the place.
  • Leah & I post-run
  • I wonder if I can get a foot transplant?
Then I saw Leah in her bright orange Nike tank and she was rearing to go!  Hold on a second there, sister! I needed to refill my Nathan Hydration belt with some Crystal Lite Pure Fitness mixture and try and stretch the hell out of my calves.  Feet?  They were actually better than I expected!  And then we were off....

First 5 with Leah:
  • A slower pace....ahhhhh...this feels alright.  I can do this!
  • I wonder if Sam the Eagle is around?
  • Baby cows!!
  • Uh oh.  My stomach is not liking me right now.  No bathrooms on this trail either.  Oh god oh god oh god. 
  • This weather is perfect for a run!  Upper 40s and overcast!  Yeah!
  • Shut UP stomach!  You do NOT need to use the bathroom!
  • Baby bison!!
Last 5 back to the car:
  • Ohmygosh, I'm really DOING this!
  • Don't inhale the alder seeds.  You choked the last time that happened. 
  • I love the sound of Gus' reminding me about the miles ticking by!
  • Ok, the slower pace kinda hurts. Kinda.
  • That Shot Blok was STALE.  It's like eating an actual rock.  Don't choke. Again. 
  • Yup, I drooled on myself.
  • Calves.On.FIRE.
  • Yeah Leah!  Mileage PR! 16 miles!
WE FINISHED!  We really freaking finished!  I ran 20 miles?!?!?!  Holy crap!
Oh Gus, you rock.

After this run I just want to be done with marathon training and focus on half marathons.  All I want is to say I'm a MARATHONER.  This is too difficult with a nursing 6 month old.  I'm drained (ha!).  Plus, who knows when I'll get to run a marathon again with my injured feet.  Perhaps I'll end up getting the surgery and it'll be better?  That's in the future.  I'm just done with worrying about running these long distances.  They aren't easy.  Plus, I missed my long run buddy, Kerrie.  But thank you Leah for running with me!!!  I appreciate it.  All I know is that it felt amazing to see 20.00 on Gus' lovely face. 

Weird fact: As soon as I got in the car after the run, Kerrie texted me to ask if I ran 20.  Wow.  Great timing!  Plus, she finished her 20 miles in 3:26 too!!!  Weird!  Her recap is HERE.

I forced myself to take an ice bath, and it definitely helped with my foot pain (YES!).  However, my calves are still sore, 4 days after this run.  I've never had this problem before.  I've iced them, stretched them out constantly, wore compression socks, heck, even rolled them with my version of "the stick."  Even the ibuprofen doesn't seem to be working.  It's weird I say.


*"Chunks" is a funny word.  Ha ha!  Chunks. 


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