Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh, Computer Games

I haven't really been able to get on my home computer these past few days. Why? Well, Trav's been hoarding the comp to play Starcraft. Don't even get me started on my hatred towards computer games, especially ones that end in '-craft.' World of Warcraft, in particular. Starcraft is next on my hitlist...
I'm actually posting via email at the moment, so this will be brief.
Yesterday's solo 12 miler was ok. It was abnormally muggy on the trail, and there were these hot spots that I'd run through that would make me feel like gagging. I was hoping and wishing for some rain! Instead, I got to see a bevy of trail-dwellers. :) Families were out walking, strolling, & biking in full force. It was sweet! There were a ton of dog walkers, too. Actually, there were just a ton of dogs...
One dog in particular made this run very memorable. I was nearly 2 miles to the end of the 12, daydreaming about the PB&J sandwich awaiting me at the car, when I came to this rolling around on the ground in the middle of this (paved) trail. The owner was just chatting with two other people, not really paying much attention to his leashed bear of a dog. I, however, could not take my eyes of this giant dog because, well, he was happy. As in, HAPPY. Dude, this giant dog had a giant boner. Awkwaaaaard. Very very hard to not look at, as he's rolling around on the ground. Wow.
Um, that was my run. Oh, also stopped to take a pic of one of the horses on the trail. Thankfully no "happy" parts were there...
At least I got out! Hoping to get in my 20 with Kerrie next weekend. T Jr needs to feel better quickly!
So, I leave you with a pic of Miss Goober getting her jump on! She absolutely LOVES the door jumper and goes nuts. It's hilarious. Oh, and she's SIX MONTHS today! Yay! Crazy!
Jumping machine!


  1. Good for you to go out and run 12 by yourself!! I have a 12 miler this coming weekend and can't imagine that I would get it done if I didn't have a running group to make me!

  2. I am right with you on the hatred of computer games. jesse gets so addicted to games (computer and video), once he starts he has to win the whole thing! This means, for the sanity of our marriage, he is rarely allowed to start them!

    Goob, is super cute in the bouncer. My boys used to love them too! They would often bounce themsleves to sleep!

  3. Nice miles all alone. Sounds like an interesting run however.
    Also, I'm not the only one that day dreams of the food that I'm going to eat when I'm done running. haha.

  4. Oh my word! I can't stop giggling about your dog issue!! Hilarious!!! Em never had one of those jumper things but I'm sure she would have loved it! 6 fast!

  5. BAH HA HA! Too funny about the dog enjoying a "moment." Talk about things you can't unsee. Glad the horses were not quite as happy as the dog....

  6. Hahahahahaaaa! Happy dog.

    I love long runs solo, but I think I'm an abnormality :D

  7. Nice job!!! I remember my first 10 mile solo run! It was so scary to me and I thought I was going to die! but now 10 and up is no biggie alone, at least to 18. Then I would love a buddy.

    Goob is so stinking cute!!


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