Monday, May 16, 2011

Beat the Bridge 8K Recap


4th year running this race, and my goal was to 1) beat the bridge (which is raised 20 minutes after the start at the 2 mile mark...but the race is staggered so the people at the end have less time to beat it) and 2) run faster than my "fastest" course time of 40:11 (2009).  Mission accomplished X2!

First of all, the weather was completely crummy: soggy, cold, and just dumping buckets the entire time.  Poor Trav and Goober!  They were such great sports coming with me for this race, and Goober was amazing.  Apparently she hardly cried, and just cuddled with daddy and a bunch of blankets under the awning of Husky Stadium.  I love my little cheering section!

Jeff and I in 2009.  He's lost quite a bit of weight since then!
Second of all, our friend Jeff (big dude) was running his first ever race and his ultimate goal was to beat the bridge, and well, just finish. :)  He did it!  He freaking beat the bridge!  I'm so incredibly proud of him because he is not a runner, but he's been working really hard training for this race and just getting healthy.

The start of the race was a huge disaster.  There are supposed to be three waves, but everyone starts wherever and it's just a mess of people.  They even "delay" the runners and release them in short intervals to prevent traffic jams--and that doesn't work at ALL.  When I crossed the starting mat I was stuck behind a ton of slower runners and casual joggers.  It was awful.  I ran in deep puddles to get around everyone, and a part of me was worried that I was going to miss the bridge.  It was a MESS.  If there's one thing I'd change about this race, it's the start for sure.  Luckily I found some more gaps and got around people easier around the .75 mile mark.  My pace was steady, and I was breathing easy.  Good!
My blue shirt was riding up on the sides and bugging the crap out of me...and I kept pulling it down (it failed the soggy race test).  Finally the bridge was in sight and after I went over the metal grating (which, by the way, is NOT fun for a sensitive foot) I slowed my pace down a tad to regain some of my energy.  Mile 3 was my slowest.  Then the hill came and I picked up the pace.  I wasn't sure if Trav and Goober were going to be where I thought they'd spectate, but I kept a sunny disposition nonetheless.  Then I realized that I had more energy and starting going faster.  1 mile left and my pace was great.  Sabra people were giving out hummus and pita chips to runners about a 3/4 mile to the finish...and I thought that was really really weird.  Hummus is the last thing I'd want to eat after a race!  Home stretch and I kicked it in as these dudes were yelling at the people in the finishing chute "Sprint!  SPRINT!"  I pretended they were yelling at me, and I smashed it.  Stopped Gus and his awesome clock-face said 39:10.  HECK YES!  Despite a crappy start, I still PR'd the course.  Sweet.

After I finished I ran back and paced Jeff the last mile to the end.  He ran/jogged the entire time with me, despite his heart rate monitor freaking out that he was at 100%.  I even got him to kick it at the end and pass a woman!  It was awesome to see him cross that finish line.

I'm glad that I finally got to see Meredith, from a distance, at the start.  She should have been in the second wave because she's faster than she thinks!  Also, I ran into Larissa aka Nordic Moxie, as I was going to find Jeff on the course.  I honestly think we were the two most stylish runners at the race in our Running Skirts!  She got 5th in her AG, which is awesome.

Unfortunately we didn't get to stick around campus because it was still raining and freezing.  Plus, Goober was hungry and her bottle spilled everywhere. :(  When we got home my lips were still purple and it took me awhile to regain feeling my hands and feet.  Argh!  And it's MAY, for goodness sake!

Final Stats:
Mileage - 4.98
Time - 39:09
Overall - 712 out of 4320
Division Place - 38 out of 524 (F25-29)
Sex Place - 146 out of 2274
Pace - 7:53



  1. Nice race! Look at your pace! Wow! Glad your foot held up.

    So, how'd the skirt do in the rain?

  2. That's a great pace, espcially considering the bad foot! Good job. Here's to a healthy training home stretch as we prepare for RnR Seattle!

  3. congrats on a great race in crappy weather!

  4. Congrats on your PR! Ugh, that soggy shirt sounds very annoying.

  5. Geez Mariez! You're speedy! :) Congrats! :)

  6. Congrats - sounds like you mastered the weather too!

  7. Congrats on your PR and a great pace!!

  8. WTG on your PR!!!! I'm glad we saw each other again. Hopefully the 3rd race we are both at will be dry... LOL Be sure to put your race pic on the RS fb fanpage... you looked so bright and fun and cheery on that gray day. xoxo ~ Nordic Moxie

  9. WTG on your PR. What a great pace!

  10. Great job chica!!!! This race sounds like fun, way to PR it too! You are definitely back in business!

  11. Hi, new follower here! This race sound so intriguing because of the bridge. I think that would motivate me to run much faster.

    Awesome time BTW, your pace is to be envied.

  12. awesome pace!

    PR fabulous!

    Love the photo!!

  13. Congrats on the PR and bridge-beating!! Kudos to Trav and Goob for hanging out in the rain--you must be a pretty good mom/wife ;)

  14. Sweet. I'll bet you felt awesome! Way to go!!

  15. GREAT job my little friend!! I miss you loads.. Need to have you Trav and Goob over again soon!!

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