Monday, April 4, 2011

You Asked! I Answered! (Part 1)

About two weeks ago I asked you all if you had any questions for me.  Here are the answers to the first half-o-questions!  (Be aware that maybe some of this could possibly be TMI...just a little warning).

Christina asked:
Goober on a run
  • "What's your favorite pre-run snack?"  -  Mmmm, either a peanut butter & jelly sandwich or a Mint Chocolate Clif Bar.  I could eat both on a daily basis...too yummy.
  • "Do you run with Goober?"  -  Goober loves to go running!  She just sits and takes in all the scenery.  But lately since the weather has been crappy, Goob's been absent from my runs--and I miss her!  Hopefully when the weather gets better I'll take her with me more often.  Plus, pushing Gizmo the jogging stroller is an excellent strength training routine too!
  • "Do you have one of those cool runner-like stroller thingys?"  -  Why, yes!  It's named Gizmo and is a Baby Trend Expedition jogger.  Got it handed down from one of Trav's coworkers and it works great!  Seriously don't know what I'd do without one.

Kerrie T. asked:
  • "How did you get so awesome?"  -  Aw, shucks!  I guess I was just born awesome!  ;)  It runs in my veins!  That, and tiger blood. 

Alanna asked:
  • "Why do you have an anchor tattoo?"  -  I got the anchor in honor of my Grandpa who passed away in 2005 (my 3rd tat out of 4).  He wasn't in the Navy or anything, but he was an avid boater that loved the water.  He was the family "Captain" and anchor, so it was only fitting that I got an anchor for him.  I got it in pink for my Grammy (his wife of over 52 years) because it was her favorite color.  Since the pink color was not the greatest, I had it redone in a dark pink/black about 2 years ago.  The coolest thing was that my Grammy loved the anchor so much that she got one in blue (the color of Grandpa's eyes) on her ankle for her 75th birthday.  She was so bada$$.  However, she missed my Grandpa so much, got very ill and passed away 3 years ago.  I miss them both terribly.  But I still think it's awesome that my Grammy had the same tattoo as me.  Something I cherish even more now.  :)

Fancy Nancy asked:
    Beautiful summer sunrise
  • "What is your fav time of day to run?"  -  I really love getting a run done early early morning, especially if it's a long one.  It feels great to have accomplished something right in the start of the day.  Alas, my schedule mainly allows afternoon/evening runs with the Goob monster around. 
  • "What is your fav distance?"  -  Since I haven't completed a marathon (yet!), I'd have to say that the half mary is an amazing distance.  Long enough where people are like "holy crap!  you're crazy" and to feel pretty awesome afterwards.  But quick 5Ks are always fun, too.

Chloë asked:
  • "How many weeks after your baby's birth did you start running?"  -  Unfortunately I had to have a C-section at the last minute and therefore my recovery was longer than I hoped.  I wanted to start running as soon as I could, which ended up being about 7 weeks post-Goober.  Basically, the Doc wanted to make sure I was healed enough and that I wasn't bleeding anymore (sorry, TMI?). 
  • "If there was one running accomplishment you could achieve without failure, what would it be?"  -  This one is pretty easy for me: to run without the pain in my feet.  My feet are what really hold me back when it comes to increasing my distance and overall mileage.  I wish that they were 100% fine and not continue with the injury madness.  
  • "How do you manage the whole being a mom and a runner thing?"  -  I'm not sure if I manage it that well, really (but thanks for making me feel like I do!).  Still new at it.  I basically look to all the other running mamas out there and they keep me going.  Of course my daughter comes first, but I do want to keep myself healthy and happy for her. 

Great questions!!!  The second half of the answers will be up in a day or two!  Thanks for being interested in me. ;)

Also, after looking at the word "asked" a bunch, it looks and sounds funny...


  1. Clearly the awesomeness was passed down. Loved the story about your grandparents. Made me teary.

  2. Great Q&A and the story of your grandparents is so nice....

  3. I love the meaning behind your anchor tattoo! What a fitting tribute.

  4. GREAT post little lady.. You ROCK and I love your tattoo.. I so want to get one for my Dad, but he hated Tattoos so that would not really honor him would it??


  5. Wow, you're amazing. You make me feel so lazy about my runs!

  6. I live the tattoo story and that your grandma got one too -- total B.A.!!

  7. That is awesome about your tattoo and your grandma!! Very cool.

    And I don't know if you ever mater the mommy/runner thing. But being both is about as good as it gets!

  8. Awe! Great Q's and A's! Thanks for getting me all teary eyed with the story of your grandma and grandpa! So totally awesome!

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