Friday, April 29, 2011

I've Got a Knotty Butt

Oh hi!  Remember me?  I'm back from an impromptu hiatus from the blogging world.  Life just got a little hectic, and I needed some space from the computer.  But I'm back!  And I've got a BUNCH of stuff that needs to be shared, including some reviews, giveaways, and of course updates.

My running has taken a little backseat this past week or two, which wasn't intentional, but it felt good to take a little break.  I've had the worst knots in my upper back and in my butt muscles.  Seriously, my butt has knots.  Didn't think it was possible?  Me neither.  Apparently the hills in San Francisco did a number to my booty, as well as my sunburnt hands and my feet...

Why yes, my toes are nasty.  And no, that is not dark nail polish...those are some fantastic black toes!  Argh!  Many thanks to the hills of San Francisco and the 18.2 miler with Kerrie.  Ouch.  Just counting the days until I lose those three toenails, as the the second toe on the right foot has already succumbed to the dreaded blacktoenailitis.  *sigh*

Ok, that's enough of the grossness that is my feet...

How about some cuteness to counteract what you just saw?  I present to you, Miss Goober.
The bib is appropriate, don't you think? :)
Goober started eating solid food, and it's pretty funny.  She is more interested in the spoon and shoving it in her mouth than the actual food that's on it.  It's cute though.  She gets really excited: waves her arms and kicks her legs when the spoon is coming near. 

So, I'm working on some reviews and giveaways...and I'll be posting those soon.  
Thank you, loyal RZR readers!  You ROCK my world!


  1. So stinkin' cute!!

    Goober, not the toes.


  2. I hear you on hills and knotty butts. I just got back from a hilly vacation:)
    Goober is ADORABLE!

  3. I want to smooch that baby!!! she is SO SO SO cute! Love it.

    Um. Zoe, do you need a larger shoe? Honestly, those toenails are, ah, no they look horrid.

  4. Holy moly, stop posting pictures of Goober! My youngest (also known as Goober), is 13 months old. I don't want another baby. My husband really doesn't. But your baby makes me want to try and see what having 3 would be like. So lay off!

    And the feet look great!

  5. What a cutie (the baby, not the feet)! I love the bib.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Didn't think it was possible but she just got cuter!!! :)

  7. Goober just caused my egg to do a backflip in my ovary!
    CUTE!!!! And LOVE the bib!!

  8. Holy black toenails, Batman! Oh you poor thing! And a knotty butt to boot too - I've had my share of knotty butts too from doing hills. LOVE LOVE Goober's pic. So cute!

  9. I AM a loyal reader!

    Welcome back. Goob is super cute.

  10. I tried to shield my eyes from those toes but I couldnt! Holy moly!

  11. I did think that your toes were painted at first. Ouch! I hope the knots relax soon!

    Goober is a cutie.

  12. How far does one have to run to get black toe nails? Eeeek! Painful. Adorable baby.

  13. OMG that bib is PERFECT!

    Ouch to the toenails & sunburn!!

  14. She is quite a doll!
    So sorry about the feet! :(

  15. haha. that bib is all too appropriate. she is just so precious with her full head of hair!

    the toes... they're alright too i guess. ;)

  16. She's adorable. And I love the bib. Welcome back from San Fran and your mini hiatus.

  17. That picture of Goober is SO adorable!

  18. I love all that hair, how cute! Oops, on Goober, not your feet! I hope my girl has curly hair. And the bib is awesome!


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