Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm a "Pal!" & a few other things...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the people of to see if I'd be interested in talking about running in Washington state.  Of course I'd love to brag about the awesome running resources, events and, um, weather here in good 'ol WA, so I agreed.  Go check out the page here if you are bored.  ;)

My miles are slacking lately because of Trav's crazy out-of-town work schedule, showing the house to a bazillion potential buyers and keeping up with the little Goober.  7 miles so far this week?  Pssshhaw.  Not winning.  Luckily I have about 10 on tap with Mel tomorrow morning.

Speaking of Mel...Trav, Goober and I just got back from a lovely dinner with her, her hubby and her little studs.  Her hubs makes a mean chicken enchilada!  Yum!  Unfortunately Goob is teething and was a wee bit fussy.  Poor babe.  And by the way, Mel's little studs are so funny!  They were very interested in Goober and her bellybutton's "bird mark" aka birthmark. ;)  Little kids are fun.

I'm deciding on more races to register for.  The Beat the Bridge (8K) is my original "back-to-running" race, so I have to do that one.  Then there's the Warrior Dash that I'm trying to convince Trav to do with me (jumping over FIRE like Heather!) freakin' bada$$ does this race look???  Yes!!  But the Top Pot 5K Doughnut Dash looks the most fun, and my best friend Laura's running it as her first 5K (so I totally have to be there for that!).  Plus, the race has gender-specific race shirts--fantastic!  I'm in!  Also, this is a Greenlake course, which is the current holder of my 5K PR.  There could be a chance for a PR break!

Mmmm.  Doughnuts...

Have you checked out and followed Runner Swag yet?  It's the Running Giveaway Listing blog I started.  Definitely go "Follow" and spread the word.  Thank you, you rock.


  1. Will be checking out the swag site in 2.5 seconds! Passing the word along too!! I need a goober pic!!!!!!

  2. sounds like a great night! i am doing the Warrior Dash in North Bend with the hubs....would love to see ya there!!

  3. Top Pot was my first 5k last year! I'll totally do it, if I'm invited to the par-tay. (Word of advice, get there EARLY, parking was a DISASTER last year. AND they ran out of doughnuts before the slowpokes (aka me) finished!)

    Is Beat the Bridge fun? I want to do it, along with the Husky dash or whatever it's called.

  4. Yey! I feel so special! haha


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