Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Hate My Feet


I had to cancel my 10 miler with Mel this morning because Miss Goober is hardcore teething and is NOT feeling well at all.  She's been screaming and restless and isn't sleeping like she should.  Which means that Travis and I have not been sleeping well either. :(  Plus, it doesn't help that we have a ton of people coming to view the house and so Goob's naptime is always disturbed.

So to make up for my missed morning run, I ran by myself on a busy street (with sidewalks).  Talk about stressful!  I was constantly looking around me, making sure no crazies were stalking my every move and also steering clear of all cars looking to turn.  I'm just glad I got the run done.  To make matters worse, I hate my feet.  They are STILL hurting, and now the pain has migrated up to my ankles.  I need bionic feet, stat.  Come on, technology!

I iced the crap outta my feet.

And, because posts without pics are boring (especially ones without a Goober), I leave you with a baby in a box.


  1. Ugh is never a great way to start a post. But Baby in a box. Always a great way to end a post!

    That so sucks about your feet. What else can you do? Anything?

  2. Go-go gadget Bionic feet! Sorry to hear about that...not good.

    Love baby in a box. Please post more of those...or just any pic's with goober! She is so darn cute!

  3. I feel your pain (re. the teething, my 6 month old is going through it too). Good luck with that and the foot pain!

  4. When you find those bionic feet, send me a pair too!

  5. Teething is the worst!!! I always feel so bad for Em when she is cutting a tooth!!! Sorry to hear about your tootsies! I hope they feel better very soon!

  6. I'm not sure why your feet are hurting but have you tried rolling a tennis ball under them?? It seems to help me a lot because it's like a massage!!

  7. little man is teething too (a couple of molars coming in). Hopefully she gets them in soon. Teething totally sucks. And sorry about your feet. Injuries suck too!!

  8. Your SPEED on your run was AWESOME.. I hope you sell that House ASAP what a pain..

    Love Goob in a box :)

    I hope you figure out those feet..

  9. Running on a busy street is no fun at all! Hope your feet feel better.

  10. Sorry about your feet :(

    I hope Goober starts to feel better. Teething is no fun for her or mommy and daddy.

    Great job on the 10 miles tho!

    I love the Goob in a box pic! So stinkin cute!!

  11. hmm. i think travis should give/get you a foot massage....

    i love how throwing in a random photo of goob completes a post :) i'm not complaining, she's adorable! love that head of hair.


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