Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Crap Crusader

Quick little post to say....I DID IT!!!!  I made that sign!  You know, the one for the person/people that leave their dog crap bags on the side of the road?  AH HA HA HA!

Take THAT, nasty dog owner!

I'm sure that this will do absolutely nothing, but at least the person/people know that someone is noticing their nastiness.  Plus, I included the word "please," being the normally polite person that I am.  Maybe next time I'll actually use a more vulgar word for doodoo or poopy. ;)

In other news, I actually ran outside in just shorts (and a tee, and running shoes, of course). Legs were exposed!  EGADS!  The pure crazy bright reflection off my pale limbs was, I'm sure, excruciating for the neighbors to behold...but I didn't care.  It was this pretty outside.  Ahhhhh.
And then, the next day I ran with Goober in just a Running Skirt!  WOAH.  My eyes!!!

More later...


  1. OOOO my legs are so white. It's scary.

    I got a bit of sun yesterday (or at least UV rays through the clouds), but it's white in the crook of my arms where they are bent. Whoops.

  2. You go girl! I hope the sign works!

  3. Spring crap is the worst. Here it all hides under the snow, then when it melts it's actually piled on top of other craps. I'm going to make signs too, except I dont think I have enough paper.

  4. I did this one too... mainly because they left it on my yard... not in bags. I left little signs and said, I dont even have a dog, I shouldn't have to pick up your dog's crap.

    It worked... and 3 years later, I do have a dog and I am very respectful!

    Good luck. And oh yeah, my legs are ghostly white too.

  5. that pic is gorgeous! also...I cant believe people really leave their doggy bags like that??? what is even the point of picking it up if you are just going to leave it!? random and gross.

  6. lol, theyll probably throw crap on your note. but i do hope they realize its gross and stop being stupid.


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