Sunday, April 10, 2011

18.2 Mile Slug Run

Just like my longest run to date today --  18.2 miles  -- this could be a long post.  But I won't bore you with minor details.  Ok, maybe a little...or else it wouldn't be that fun now, would it?
18! Word.
I'm pretty much following whatever plan Kerrie has because we are running the same marathon, and when today called for 18, I was on board.  Crap!  I was nervous last night as I carbo-loaded with some whole grain pasta and maybe a glass of wine.  However, my nerves weren't messing me up when I was driving to the Cedar River Trail.  Thank goodness.  Kerrie wanted to reinstate the run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute Jeff Galloway method, and I wasn't complaining.  Whatever helped and didn't get us injured again was a good plan.

The weather called for rain, and lots of it.  Of course I was stupid and colored my hair a reddish hue yesterday.  Non-permanent hair dye= possibility of runnage.  Needless to say, I didn't wear a light colored top because it would've looked like someone was trying to slay me if my hair color did run.  A polka dot Bondi Band and my kickass Punk Rock Racing hat concealed the 'do.  And thankfully I didn't look a hot mess once the run was over.  *phew*

The first few miles felt pretty good.  We were able to hold a conversation, which was based on the number of slugs we were dodging on the trail.  Holy cow there were a lot!  They were in these massive piles and just chillin' in the middle of the walkway.  They were like slug orgies or something.  Slorgies.  It was disgusting.  We did manage to pose with one that Kerrie was brave enough to pick up.  Evidence that long runs make us a wee bit loopy/crazy.
Kerrie looks surprisingly at ease...
I, on the other hand, do NOT. ;)
The rain never really got out of hand!  No elbow puddles for Kerrie.  Very grateful that the Pacific NW weather cooperated.  The second half of the run was a little less talking and more listening to our own music.  Of course, there was the occasional sing-out-loud moment and Kerrie even busted out a mini showtune type dance.  We were just in the groove, groovin' out.  The music definitely helped keep us up to a great pace!  In fact, our last mile was without any walking and it was an 8:55.  There was energy to spare!  Barely.  
Halfway--stretch time
For my personal reference, I had my Nathan Hydration belt with water and a little bit of Crystal Light Pure Fitness in each bottle.  Breakfast consisted of a PB&J and an Espresso GU right before getting to the trail.  Ate an entire package of Black Cherry Shot Bloks (yum), and carried a mini Clif Bar with me just in case (didn't need it).  Stomach felt fine!  Even after the run!

When I was done with the run, I texted Trav (see pic on left)....iPhone autocorrect didn't work.  Ha ha!
Then, I stopped at the local Starbucks to pick up Coffee for Trav and I.  The drive-thru line was really long and I ended up waiting for over 15 minutes in one spot.  Once the cars started moving, they were MOVING.  I mean, I barely had time to get my gift card out when the barista at the window said "Sorry for the long wait, your drinks are on us today."  Oh goodness!  Awesome!  Thank you Starbucks!  That was pretty sweet. 

At home I made myself take an ice bath and I really really really think it helped.  Plus, Kerrie's idea of putting bubbles in the bath make it seem less icy (?).  My mind tricks my body into thinking, 'hey, this is a nice, warm bubble bath!'  Syke!  Oh well, I made it 12 minutes this time.  

In all honesty, after the 18.2, another 8 miles doesn't seem that bad!  Bring it, Marathon! :)

BTW: was bugging out on me and I lost my progress in adding all the entries to the Road ID giveaway into the list randomizer.  I'll redo it tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.


  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! It makes me want to go run 18 miles with you both!

    That screen shot seriously made me laugh out loud. Stupid auto correct does the same to me.

  2. WAY TO FREAKING GO!! You're going to own that marathon!!

    I hate iPhone auto-correct. Did you know there's a website devoted JUST to auto-correct fails?

  3. What a fun run you two had. You make a great team. The slug part is too funny. Congrats on the miles!

  4. I bought some new bubble bath today for next time. :)

    So proud of you. I know you are going to rock the marathon. Just a couple more months!

  5. Jeez, you guys make running 18 look like a piece of cake! Love the new word "slorgies"! Hilarious!

  6. 18 miles is impressive, but a 12 minute ice bath - WOW!! You are hard core :) Good job!!

  7. My fiance would totally respond like that too! LOL

    Nice job on the run rockstar!

  8. Way to go!!!! I love your funny! I would love to sit in a line if it means I get free Starbucks!!!

  9. Congrats on the 18 (+) mikes! I mean MILES! You rock!!

  10. Congrats on the miles! Looks like you guys had a great time. You're gonna kick the marathon's booty!

  11. Great recap! The thought of running and accidentally squishing one of those big suckers...gross.

  12. So funny! You girls are great and I hope to run with you sometime. I'll leave the slug-fondling to you two though.

  13. CONGRATS!! YOu two are so fun... so sad I had to miss for a LITTLE race next week..

    So GREAT to see you.. Cant believe I did not pose with Goob again..

  14. really, 18 mikes is a little excessive Zoe. Sheesh control yourself


  15. I live in Seattle, and am looking for new long routes to train for my first marathon. Is it worth it for me to drive out to Cedar River trail to run? Is it a good place to run? Congrats on your 18 miles, I'm dreading/excited for my long training runs.....

  16. Love this recap and glad you guys had a great run. keeps me in stitches...I have to stop reading it.


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