Friday, April 29, 2011

I've Got a Knotty Butt

Oh hi!  Remember me?  I'm back from an impromptu hiatus from the blogging world.  Life just got a little hectic, and I needed some space from the computer.  But I'm back!  And I've got a BUNCH of stuff that needs to be shared, including some reviews, giveaways, and of course updates.

My running has taken a little backseat this past week or two, which wasn't intentional, but it felt good to take a little break.  I've had the worst knots in my upper back and in my butt muscles.  Seriously, my butt has knots.  Didn't think it was possible?  Me neither.  Apparently the hills in San Francisco did a number to my booty, as well as my sunburnt hands and my feet...

Why yes, my toes are nasty.  And no, that is not dark nail polish...those are some fantastic black toes!  Argh!  Many thanks to the hills of San Francisco and the 18.2 miler with Kerrie.  Ouch.  Just counting the days until I lose those three toenails, as the the second toe on the right foot has already succumbed to the dreaded blacktoenailitis.  *sigh*

Ok, that's enough of the grossness that is my feet...

How about some cuteness to counteract what you just saw?  I present to you, Miss Goober.
The bib is appropriate, don't you think? :)
Goober started eating solid food, and it's pretty funny.  She is more interested in the spoon and shoving it in her mouth than the actual food that's on it.  It's cute though.  She gets really excited: waves her arms and kicks her legs when the spoon is coming near. 

So, I'm working on some reviews and giveaways...and I'll be posting those soon.  
Thank you, loyal RZR readers!  You ROCK my world!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Crap Crusader

Quick little post to say....I DID IT!!!!  I made that sign!  You know, the one for the person/people that leave their dog crap bags on the side of the road?  AH HA HA HA!

Take THAT, nasty dog owner!

I'm sure that this will do absolutely nothing, but at least the person/people know that someone is noticing their nastiness.  Plus, I included the word "please," being the normally polite person that I am.  Maybe next time I'll actually use a more vulgar word for doodoo or poopy. ;)

In other news, I actually ran outside in just shorts (and a tee, and running shoes, of course). Legs were exposed!  EGADS!  The pure crazy bright reflection off my pale limbs was, I'm sure, excruciating for the neighbors to behold...but I didn't care.  It was this pretty outside.  Ahhhhh.
And then, the next day I ran with Goober in just a Running Skirt!  WOAH.  My eyes!!!

More later...

Monday, April 18, 2011


Just a quick note to say that I'm around!  I've been watching/stalking all the Boston Marathoners that I know running and I must say....I'm SO PROUD!  You all did amazing!!!!  Cannot wait to hear everyone's recaps. :)

And man, WHAT A RACE at the end for Desi, huh????  She's got some killer form!

Anyway, I'll be back to blogging in a bit.  Goober's pretty sick, and so I've been up at all hours of the night and on a weird schedule during the day.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Coming Home

We've had a great trip, but I know I'm ready to be home again. Goober has been a great traveller so far and has made some friends! Plus, my butt and shins are screaming at me after yesterday's hills. I'll be figuring out my mileage later tonight. :)

More later!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greetings from San Francisco

We've been doing a lot of walking and exploring. Goob's an excellent traveller! She hates being cooped up in the hotel and rejoices when we go out. I'm so proud of her. I'm not necessarily running, but carrying/pushing Goob up these giant hills is great cross-training! :)
Check out the neon photobomb in one of these pics....haha! More later!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

M.I.A. & a Winnah

Apologies for the delayed announcement of the Road ID winner!  Without further delay, after randomizing the list of entries the winner is #231:

Congrats TMB of Racing with Babes!

I'll be away from real blogging for the next couple of days, but I'll be back with some adventure stories at the end of the week.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

18.2 Mile Slug Run

Just like my longest run to date today --  18.2 miles  -- this could be a long post.  But I won't bore you with minor details.  Ok, maybe a little...or else it wouldn't be that fun now, would it?
18! Word.
I'm pretty much following whatever plan Kerrie has because we are running the same marathon, and when today called for 18, I was on board.  Crap!  I was nervous last night as I carbo-loaded with some whole grain pasta and maybe a glass of wine.  However, my nerves weren't messing me up when I was driving to the Cedar River Trail.  Thank goodness.  Kerrie wanted to reinstate the run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute Jeff Galloway method, and I wasn't complaining.  Whatever helped and didn't get us injured again was a good plan.

The weather called for rain, and lots of it.  Of course I was stupid and colored my hair a reddish hue yesterday.  Non-permanent hair dye= possibility of runnage.  Needless to say, I didn't wear a light colored top because it would've looked like someone was trying to slay me if my hair color did run.  A polka dot Bondi Band and my kickass Punk Rock Racing hat concealed the 'do.  And thankfully I didn't look a hot mess once the run was over.  *phew*

The first few miles felt pretty good.  We were able to hold a conversation, which was based on the number of slugs we were dodging on the trail.  Holy cow there were a lot!  They were in these massive piles and just chillin' in the middle of the walkway.  They were like slug orgies or something.  Slorgies.  It was disgusting.  We did manage to pose with one that Kerrie was brave enough to pick up.  Evidence that long runs make us a wee bit loopy/crazy.
Kerrie looks surprisingly at ease...
I, on the other hand, do NOT. ;)
The rain never really got out of hand!  No elbow puddles for Kerrie.  Very grateful that the Pacific NW weather cooperated.  The second half of the run was a little less talking and more listening to our own music.  Of course, there was the occasional sing-out-loud moment and Kerrie even busted out a mini showtune type dance.  We were just in the groove, groovin' out.  The music definitely helped keep us up to a great pace!  In fact, our last mile was without any walking and it was an 8:55.  There was energy to spare!  Barely.  
Halfway--stretch time
For my personal reference, I had my Nathan Hydration belt with water and a little bit of Crystal Light Pure Fitness in each bottle.  Breakfast consisted of a PB&J and an Espresso GU right before getting to the trail.  Ate an entire package of Black Cherry Shot Bloks (yum), and carried a mini Clif Bar with me just in case (didn't need it).  Stomach felt fine!  Even after the run!

When I was done with the run, I texted Trav (see pic on left)....iPhone autocorrect didn't work.  Ha ha!
Then, I stopped at the local Starbucks to pick up Coffee for Trav and I.  The drive-thru line was really long and I ended up waiting for over 15 minutes in one spot.  Once the cars started moving, they were MOVING.  I mean, I barely had time to get my gift card out when the barista at the window said "Sorry for the long wait, your drinks are on us today."  Oh goodness!  Awesome!  Thank you Starbucks!  That was pretty sweet. 

At home I made myself take an ice bath and I really really really think it helped.  Plus, Kerrie's idea of putting bubbles in the bath make it seem less icy (?).  My mind tricks my body into thinking, 'hey, this is a nice, warm bubble bath!'  Syke!  Oh well, I made it 12 minutes this time.  

In all honesty, after the 18.2, another 8 miles doesn't seem that bad!  Bring it, Marathon! :)

BTW: was bugging out on me and I lost my progress in adding all the entries to the Road ID giveaway into the list randomizer.  I'll redo it tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Moss Turds

See them?  They're evil...and everywhere
Yup, you read that right.  Moss turds.  Not mouse turds or moose turds (cuz that's just plain gross).  I'm talking about the little bitty pieces of moss that grow in the cracks of sidewalks.  They somehow come loose, either by a passerby or from kids picking at them with sticks.  Well, guess what?  These little moss turds are slippery suckers.  I slipped on a couple on my run last night, and I had to take a picture of the culprits.  You can't really see them that clearly, but they're there.  I swear to you.  Evil little sidewalk dwellers.  At least the rest of the nighttime run was uneventful and quick.

Anywho, today's run was much less moss-covered. In fact, it was a gorgeous day out!  Goober and I went for a 4 mile jaunt around the neighborhood, enjoying the warmer air, sunny skies and smells of freshly cut grass.  Ahhhh.  It was a delightful run.  We stopped at the local Target for some necessities and little Goob was totally in a good mood.  Yay!  You see, Miss Goober has been teething and not a happy baby.  Her sleeping is erratic and she's been "moaning" while in her crib (but surprisingly half asleep while doing this).  It's funny because Murphy has been checking on her during these little moan/talk sessions of hers...I hear Goob's bedroom door open a bit (we don't latch it), then I hear Murphy meowing at his baby sister.  It's pretty endearing, actually.  I'm glad that he's concerned with her well-being, as it doesn't seem like he's saying "geez, kid, shut up."  When she cries during the day he doesn't flinch or do anything at all around her, so I know that this nighttime checkup is the real deal of a big bro kitty.

Here's Miss Goob on her baby monitor last night...she is supposed to be asleep, as it was 11:30pm.  *sigh*
oh, hai!
I sure hope that tooth comes through soon.  Please?

In the meantime, happy weekend everyone!  Road ID winner will be announced tomorrow!  And there will be another giveaway very soon. :)

Be sure to follow Runner Swag for the latest Running Giveaway listings!

You Asked! I Answered! (Part 2)


Lindsay asked:
  • "No SSN? about bank account number?"  -  Ah yes!  Please send me money via a deceased Nigerian diplomat with no heirs but me.  555-55-555555!
  • "What is your #1 favorite outfit in your closet (can be running or non-running)?"  -  My favorite outfit is my "grown-up" dress that I bought while still working for Nordstrom corporate.  It's a beautiful purple, form-fitting dress with a little 40s flair: tiny patent leather black belt and button detail on the collar.  It fit me like a glove and I would pair it with my leather biker jacket (also from Nordies) and some peep-toe red heels.  Ahhhh.  I miss being able to wear that outfit!  Perhaps again soon when my job is more than changing poopy diapers and making oogly faces at a small human. ;)
Kimberly asked:
  • "How far along into your pregnancy did you run?"  -  My last race was the late September You Go Girl 10K, and I was about 8 months along.  Mainly walked/jogged at around this time.
  • "When and why did you stop?"  -  I had groin/hip problems and so running was just not easy at the time, so I started swimming and taking water aerobics instead.  It was fun at the H20 Aerobics class because I was practically the youngest one there...gotta love those really dedicated water workout women!
  • "How soon after the baby did it take for you to feel like yourself in terms of running?"  -  You know, it seemed to take awhile.  My speed is not where it was yet, but I'm still trying to regain some of that core strength I lost.  I think I only started to feel comfortable only about a month and a half ago (and Goober's 5 months now).  So many things are different when running after being pregnant, it either takes some getting used to or it gets better with time. 
Marlene asked:
  • "Who is your FAVORITE Canadian who has come to visit?"  -  Hands down, Ryan Reynolds.  Oh shoot, he hasn't visited.  Mannnn!  Then Marlene, of course!
  • "Fave food?"  -  It's a weird one, but I love a toasted bagel with peanut butter and turkey bacon.  Ohmygosh.  My mum introduced me to it years ago and it's my favorite...I just don't have it often.  A close second would be mint chocolate chip ice cream.  So healthy!  Ha!
  • "Fave color?"  -  I've always loved blue, but I'm a sucker for red shoes.
  • "Fave TV show?"  -  I love The Office like it's candy.  Oh, and I totally dig the CSI shows, both Vegas and NYC...the Miami one I can't take seriously because of Horatio dude.  Other shows I watch either On Demand or by DVD are Mad Men, One Tree Hill, South Park, SNL, Hard Times of RJ Berger just to name a few.  I rarely watch something when it's actually on TV.  Wow.  It really looks like I watch a lot of TV, huh?  Eh, notsomuch, I promise.
Oh CSI Miami...funny stuff.
Jen asked:
  • "Favorite flavor ice cream?"  -  You know, I love some mint choco chip, but coffee ice cream is amazing too!
  • "Favorite place to get coffee?"  -  Oh goodness.  There's this small Italian coffee shop on Olive Way in downtown Seattle called Caffe Senso Unico and it has amazing coffee.  I don't particularly think that Starbucks coffee actually tastes good, and this is the birthplace of the 'Bucks. :(
  • "If you were a song what song would you be?"  -  This is a good question.  I've never really thought about this!  I'd have to say "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen simply because it has a little bit of everything: ballad, opera, kick-butt it!  It's just a song that I love singing along to.
  • "Favorite running gear - like a must have on all runs?"  -  Gus my Garmin Forerunner 305, iPhone, Road ID, mint gum, inhaler on long runs, sunglasses, and my pink hat if it's raining. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

You Asked! I Answered! (Part 1)

About two weeks ago I asked you all if you had any questions for me.  Here are the answers to the first half-o-questions!  (Be aware that maybe some of this could possibly be TMI...just a little warning).

Christina asked:
Goober on a run
  • "What's your favorite pre-run snack?"  -  Mmmm, either a peanut butter & jelly sandwich or a Mint Chocolate Clif Bar.  I could eat both on a daily basis...too yummy.
  • "Do you run with Goober?"  -  Goober loves to go running!  She just sits and takes in all the scenery.  But lately since the weather has been crappy, Goob's been absent from my runs--and I miss her!  Hopefully when the weather gets better I'll take her with me more often.  Plus, pushing Gizmo the jogging stroller is an excellent strength training routine too!
  • "Do you have one of those cool runner-like stroller thingys?"  -  Why, yes!  It's named Gizmo and is a Baby Trend Expedition jogger.  Got it handed down from one of Trav's coworkers and it works great!  Seriously don't know what I'd do without one.

Kerrie T. asked:
  • "How did you get so awesome?"  -  Aw, shucks!  I guess I was just born awesome!  ;)  It runs in my veins!  That, and tiger blood. 

Alanna asked:
  • "Why do you have an anchor tattoo?"  -  I got the anchor in honor of my Grandpa who passed away in 2005 (my 3rd tat out of 4).  He wasn't in the Navy or anything, but he was an avid boater that loved the water.  He was the family "Captain" and anchor, so it was only fitting that I got an anchor for him.  I got it in pink for my Grammy (his wife of over 52 years) because it was her favorite color.  Since the pink color was not the greatest, I had it redone in a dark pink/black about 2 years ago.  The coolest thing was that my Grammy loved the anchor so much that she got one in blue (the color of Grandpa's eyes) on her ankle for her 75th birthday.  She was so bada$$.  However, she missed my Grandpa so much, got very ill and passed away 3 years ago.  I miss them both terribly.  But I still think it's awesome that my Grammy had the same tattoo as me.  Something I cherish even more now.  :)

Fancy Nancy asked:
    Beautiful summer sunrise
  • "What is your fav time of day to run?"  -  I really love getting a run done early early morning, especially if it's a long one.  It feels great to have accomplished something right in the start of the day.  Alas, my schedule mainly allows afternoon/evening runs with the Goob monster around. 
  • "What is your fav distance?"  -  Since I haven't completed a marathon (yet!), I'd have to say that the half mary is an amazing distance.  Long enough where people are like "holy crap!  you're crazy" and to feel pretty awesome afterwards.  But quick 5Ks are always fun, too.

Chloë asked:
  • "How many weeks after your baby's birth did you start running?"  -  Unfortunately I had to have a C-section at the last minute and therefore my recovery was longer than I hoped.  I wanted to start running as soon as I could, which ended up being about 7 weeks post-Goober.  Basically, the Doc wanted to make sure I was healed enough and that I wasn't bleeding anymore (sorry, TMI?). 
  • "If there was one running accomplishment you could achieve without failure, what would it be?"  -  This one is pretty easy for me: to run without the pain in my feet.  My feet are what really hold me back when it comes to increasing my distance and overall mileage.  I wish that they were 100% fine and not continue with the injury madness.  
  • "How do you manage the whole being a mom and a runner thing?"  -  I'm not sure if I manage it that well, really (but thanks for making me feel like I do!).  Still new at it.  I basically look to all the other running mamas out there and they keep me going.  Of course my daughter comes first, but I do want to keep myself healthy and happy for her. 

Great questions!!!  The second half of the answers will be up in a day or two!  Thanks for being interested in me. ;)

Also, after looking at the word "asked" a bunch, it looks and sounds funny...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Hate My Feet


I had to cancel my 10 miler with Mel this morning because Miss Goober is hardcore teething and is NOT feeling well at all.  She's been screaming and restless and isn't sleeping like she should.  Which means that Travis and I have not been sleeping well either. :(  Plus, it doesn't help that we have a ton of people coming to view the house and so Goob's naptime is always disturbed.

So to make up for my missed morning run, I ran by myself on a busy street (with sidewalks).  Talk about stressful!  I was constantly looking around me, making sure no crazies were stalking my every move and also steering clear of all cars looking to turn.  I'm just glad I got the run done.  To make matters worse, I hate my feet.  They are STILL hurting, and now the pain has migrated up to my ankles.  I need bionic feet, stat.  Come on, technology!

I iced the crap outta my feet.

And, because posts without pics are boring (especially ones without a Goober), I leave you with a baby in a box.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm a "Pal!" & a few other things...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the people of to see if I'd be interested in talking about running in Washington state.  Of course I'd love to brag about the awesome running resources, events and, um, weather here in good 'ol WA, so I agreed.  Go check out the page here if you are bored.  ;)

My miles are slacking lately because of Trav's crazy out-of-town work schedule, showing the house to a bazillion potential buyers and keeping up with the little Goober.  7 miles so far this week?  Pssshhaw.  Not winning.  Luckily I have about 10 on tap with Mel tomorrow morning.

Speaking of Mel...Trav, Goober and I just got back from a lovely dinner with her, her hubby and her little studs.  Her hubs makes a mean chicken enchilada!  Yum!  Unfortunately Goob is teething and was a wee bit fussy.  Poor babe.  And by the way, Mel's little studs are so funny!  They were very interested in Goober and her bellybutton's "bird mark" aka birthmark. ;)  Little kids are fun.

I'm deciding on more races to register for.  The Beat the Bridge (8K) is my original "back-to-running" race, so I have to do that one.  Then there's the Warrior Dash that I'm trying to convince Trav to do with me (jumping over FIRE like Heather!) freakin' bada$$ does this race look???  Yes!!  But the Top Pot 5K Doughnut Dash looks the most fun, and my best friend Laura's running it as her first 5K (so I totally have to be there for that!).  Plus, the race has gender-specific race shirts--fantastic!  I'm in!  Also, this is a Greenlake course, which is the current holder of my 5K PR.  There could be a chance for a PR break!

Mmmm.  Doughnuts...

Have you checked out and followed Runner Swag yet?  It's the Running Giveaway Listing blog I started.  Definitely go "Follow" and spread the word.  Thank you, you rock.

Virtual Race Madness!

Because Neil Z's pretty damn awesome....

I signed up for this crazy virtual marathon.  Thank goodness I don't have to get it all done in one day!  Ha! Hop on over to Mr. Barefoot's page to sign up.  It'll make him smile, especially since he's been a bit frowny lately.  And no one likes a grump face...


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