Friday, March 25, 2011

Whooga Ugg Boots Review

Remember that post a few weeks back about the boutique brand of ugg boots called Whooga uggs?  Well, here's the results of me testing out their tall black ugg boot.  Keep in mind that ugg boots are a type of boot (sheepskin), not a brand.  The brand "UGG Australia" just so happens to use "Ugg" in their name, so it confuses people...including me.

Now, I was an ugg skeptic.  To me, these boots should only be worn around the house because they looked too much like slippers, and they weren't very, um, pretty.  Well, I think I may have changed my mind.  Whooga Ugg boots are incredibly soft, warm, cozy, convenient, and simply scrumptious.  There I said it!  I'm no longer an ugg skeptic...I'm a FAN.

When the package arrived in the mail I was super stoked to begin wearing these boots, however, the condition of the packaging left me a little worried.  The box itself was pretty banged up, and there wasn't even a tissue covering over the boots.  If I'd been a paying customer, I would have probably been a little upset that my pretty boots weren't protected very well.  But alas, the boots were perfectly fine.

You're supposed to wear Whooga ugg boots without socks because:

  • The sheepskin contains lanolin which promotes circulation and is a natural moisturizer
  • The sole of the boot molds to your foot shape (just like a flip-flop sandal does)
  • The thermofleece inner lining is supposed to regulate air flow around your foot, to keep your feet at the right temperature and reduce sweating (and smelly boots)

My Thoughts:
Initially the boots smelled a little like new foam/rubber and I just let them air out for a day and they were fine.  Also, I felt like the sole of the boot was a little tough, with little padding, but once I started wearing them they seemed to soften up a bit.  I definitely noticed that they kept my feet really warm, even without socks--and I've got notoriously clammy feet.  My feet did get a little sweaty at times, mainly when running around the house with Goober, but like I said before, my feet are clammy (really).  In terms of looks and construction, these boots are top notch: the stitching is well done, and the color is really rich.  I'm very impressed by all the colors Whooga offers on their site: from the well-known Chestnut color to the lush Violet.  I guess when I thought of ugg boots before, I immediately thought of the chestnut color and disregarded any other options.  I'm so glad I picked black!  To me, they can go with a ton of different wardrobe choices without looking to much like house slippers.

I use my Whooga boots while pacing with Goober during the night, and after a long run.  Comfiness is key!

Sheepskin promotes circulation & warmth
Excellent construction equals a longer-lasting boot
Whooga customer service is fabulous
Boots are WARM!
Convenient: slip on and go
Lanolin is moisturizing

With the black dye, some might run a little with initial use (just don't wear the black boots with white pants tucked in at first!)
Mailing package snafu

Be sure to check out Whooga's website and LIKE them on Facebook too.  Tell 'em Zoë sent ya!

**BONUS!**  Whooga was kind enough to extend the coupon code for a discount on their ugg boots for RZR readers! Just use 1402ZOERUN for 10% your order at checkout...sweet!!  Code expires on April 14th, so act fast.

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product I was provided with.  I received these ugg boots free of charge from Whooga and was not compensated for my review.**


  1. I know these boots, and own a pair of chesnut ones. They feel so cosy!

  2. I never knew the little factoids you mentioned (going sans socks and why)
    So true is the old saying "you learn something new every day"

  3. Are the soles hard or flexible? Do the sizes run true to size or should one order a size larger or smaller?

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  8. Sorry but I say stick with the original!

    UGG Boots

  9. They're still taking customers' money but their number's disconnected and email address is bouncing. I ordered 3 weeks ago. Boots showed as in stock but I then got a message saying they weren't. I was about to cancel when the website showed the boots were on their way from Australia. They got as far as 'Cleared UK customs' and then disappeared. Now the site just says 'on back order. I posted about this on their Facebook page; they deleted the post but didn't contact me! It has all the hallmarks of a scam; maybe they weren't once but they're acting like one now. Trying to get my money back from Paypal. Beware!

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