Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Agility Course

My neighborhood running route is not flat.  Nope, not at all.  There are at least two giant hills that I must conquer on my loop, and I'm proud to say that tonight's run was a fast one!  I used my speedy Newton Lady Isaacs and did a 9:00 min/mile 4 miles.

The run was more of an agility course tonight though, as the city had dropped off all the new garbage/recycle/yard waste containers, and they were all over the place.  I was dodging and weaving like a football player.

Have you ever noticed that on really cold days your sense of smell seems to be heightened?  Like the crisp air just makes everything around you clear?  Even battling a cold I still smelled a ton of things on this run: yummy teriyaki chicken, burnt rubber, watermelon (in winter?), someone's really floral-y perfume, and of course, the kicker: weed.  Yeah, someone was toking up in the neighborhood and it wasn't a secret at all. Ick.

It started raining halfway through the run, and even though I forgot to wear my trusty running cap, I decided to just keep running.  My new music kept me motivated, and my Newtons made me feel even faster.  Man, it was just a great run. :)

Two new things tonight: 
1.  Tried out Clif Shot Turbo Energy Gel in Chocolate Cherry.  Oh goodness.  It was delicious!
2.  Wore my new blue Firefly light from Road ID.  Sorry old "Aetna" blue flashing days sprinting after you down the street are over.  It's been a good run (pun intended).


  1. That chocolate cherry one sounds yummy!

  2. Great run! The hills will make you stronger!! I'm a chicken and always choose flat runs :(

  3. Bob and weave. Treat those trash bins like other runners on race day. Sounds like a fun run.

  4. I totally get the whole smell thing...I love in the Spring when the lilacs come out...I also smell people's laundry a lot especially when I run in the morning.

  5. Nice job on the speedy run with obstacles!!

    Smelling dinner while running makes me sooo hungry!!


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